Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner's Debut As A Married Couple At The Met Gala Was Too Perfect

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Who’s ready for the Met Gala? I know I am. You know what else I’m ready for? Seeing Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner debut as a married couple at the 2019 Met Gala. Not only is this fashion’s biggest night, but it’s also the very first time Jonas and Turner are stepping out for an official event together as a married couple! The two tied the knot right after the Billboard Music Awards on May 1 and now they’re at the Met Gala giving every photographer at the event a run for their money. And they look amazing! They also look super married and super happy, so it’s a great night for them!

According to People, Turner was wearing a custom Louis Vuitton two-piece. It was more a jumpsuit than a gown, but Turner's stylist Kate Young told People that Turner prefers it that way.

“Her body looks insane in it!” Young said. “She kind of looks like a superhero. She’s not so much a gown person, though she wears them on occasion, so a jumpsuit look suits her.”

Jonas, of course, looked just as amazing as his wife. They even color coordinated their outfits. Here's how Jonas and Turner looked at the Met Gala:

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As I mentioned, Jonas and Turner tied the knot on May 1. The surprise ceremony was held in Vegas at Little White Wedding Chapel where an Elvis impersonator served as their officiant. All of Jonas' brothers were there, according to People, and served as groomsmen. Basically, it was a family affair. And now Turner is officially a J Sister, which is what all the Jonas wives are calling themselves now.

The wedding happened right after Jonas and his brothers made their award show comeback as a reunited band at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Turner was there, as were her sisters-in-law and they all seemed to have a fantastic time.

So, why the surprise wedding in Vegas? Well, a source told People that they had to do it in order to have their big wedding ceremony in France. France requires that you reside in the country for a certain amount of time before legally marrying.

“They had to get married in the States to make it legal, but the wedding is still in Europe,” the source told People.

Well, it's official then. And I guess that means a big wedding ceremony is imminent, which is exciting. I'm sure they're both over the moon, especially Jonas who gets to enjoy all the perks of marrying a Game of Thrones star.

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Turner said that Jonas even knows the ending to Game of Thrones.

“I have [told him the ending]. Well, actually, he was on set for most of it, so he kind of figured it out and then he had to sign an NDA,” Turner said during the interview. “Yeah, he did. He had to have, like, full photo approval on set. His camera was covered up, everything.”

Those Game of Thrones people are serious about spoilers, aren't they?