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JetBlue's Latest Sale Will Get You A One-Way Ticket To New Orleans For $84

by Daffany Chan

The travel season isn't over yet — there's still plenty of time to recoup and enjoy time off during the slow transition from summer's carefree vibe to the reflective mood of fall. Maybe you'd like to squeeze in that beach trip to a warm locale or head to the Big Apple to get some shopping done. It's always good to get away on a trip and recharge your batteries. Been swamped at work this summer and haven't had a chance to kick back, relax, and take a much needed vacation? It's not too late. JetBlue is offering a sweet promotion for those seeking to get a last minute booking in. It's super simple to navigate. You can easily take advantage of JetBlue's "Vacation Procrastination" Sale and be off on your vacay in no time.

Sneak in a late summer or fall getaway using JetBlue's Best Fare Finder on their website. One of their hottest deals right now is for a flight from New York to New Orleans. It's quite a bargain at $84 for a one-way ticket. New Orleans is the perfect spot for a late summer getaway because it's only around three hours away by plane from New York City, yet you'll be transported to another world. There's plenty of culture, which you can easily enjoy by roaming outside around the beautiful and historic French Quarter, and be sure to stop by Bourbon Street for the ultimate nightlife experience.

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There are many other options to choose from as you keep an eye out on the deals on JetBlue's website. Some other hot fares available right now are Raleigh to Boston for $69 as well as Raleigh to Fort Lauderdale for $59.

If you're looking for an international experience, this is the perfect excuse! There's no better time to head down south, and JetBlue has got your back with cheap flights. One-way flights from Fort Lauderdale to Mexico City are $131. Mexico City is the capital of the country and there's a bunch of cool cultural things to see and do. Enjoy some authentic Mexican street food tacos while checking out the historic murals in the city. Globetrotting has never been easier.

It's important to note when you're planning your getaway that these fares seem to be available on select Monday through Thursday dates between Aug. 13 to Nov. 14. You must book by July 25, so make sure to get your hands on the deal as soon as you can. Ticket prices are subject to availability.

It's best to strike while they're still available, especially since you won't have to commit to the flight. Yep, you're able to cancel up to 24 hours after the reservation is made, so rest assured that you can comfortably change your trip if needed. Remember, vacation time is all about living stress-free! Whether you choose to stay in the states or head to an overseas location, vacation procrastinators now have a last chance. You'll be jet-setting in no time.