You Can Fly To Florida For $79 With Jet Blue's Latest Sale For A Sun-Kissed Vacay

Stocksy/Ani Dimi

With Pi Day just a few hours away, Jet Blue is taking advantage of the unofficial holiday to gift travel lovers a flash sale on wanderlust-worthy destinations. While you're nomming on free pieces of pie and pizza slices come Thursday, you'll want to check out JetBlue’s Pi Day 2019 flight sale on March 14 for a sweet deal on your favorite spots. If you've been thinking of planning a tropical getaway with bae or a getting a change of scenery with your besties, it's the perfect time to make moves on your spring vacation plans without breaking the bank.

From now through Thursday, March 14, the discount airline is making it even more affordable to satisfy your wanderlust before summer officially hits. For me, hitting the spring refresh button and getting out of winter hibernation mode means making plans to travel and experience brand new (and preferably warm) places. Luckily, quite a few airlines are helping to make that a little most cost-effective with a handful of seasonal flight sales, and with the start of spring just over a week away on March 20, I've been browsing through the different deals to find the best option for me.

With flights taking off from Wednesday, March 20 through Thursday, June 13, travelers can take advantage of special fares on JetBlue's website, which start from just $79 one way, including government taxes and fees. As always, there are a few fine print details to take into consideration while you look through your options. The discounted flights are valid for travel Monday through Thursday, meaning that heading out of town for an extended weekend will definitely cost you more. In addition, most of April is blacked out (probably to account for spring break season when airports will be even busier than usual), so I wouldn't plan to score extra Pi Day savings from April 11 through April 25 or on May 27. Other than that, all days are fair game, and there are plenty of discounted tickets to choose from.

Again, fares start at $79, but they tend to vary based on your outbound and inbound destinations so I'd play around with different combinations. For example, there were quite a few $79 one-way fares to Fort Myers, Florida from Boston, although return flights tended to be a bit more expensive. Quite a few international fares were part of the sale, including a $138 flight one-way from New York to the Bahamas.

Quite a few of the deals caught my eye, but something tells me that New Yorkers looking to catch some sun at the end of the month will definitely want to take advantage of the low $176 round-trip flights to and from Fort Lauderdale. That's literally paying just the cost of a few dinners and drinks in the city to be living your best life on a sunny beach.

Judging from the fare calendar, it looks like quite a few fares have already been snatched up, so I'd make a decision and book your flight sooner rather than later (i.e. in the next few hours) to get the price you want. To be honest, there's really no reason just to go ahead with your booking without waiting for the go-ahead from your boss or your friends because of JetBlue's 24-hour cancellation policy. Basically, you have a full day to mull over your decision and consult with any potential travel companions before getting locked into your vacation itinerary.

Again, JetBlue's Pi Sale only goes through Thursday, March 14, so I'd do yourself a favor and set aside some time to call up your besties and make moves on a spring getaway before the pickings get slim and the prices go up.