You Can Fly To California For $45 With JetBlue's Summer Sale

Summer officially starts on June 21, which means right now is the *perfect* time to book those seasonal vacays. If you haven't planned your annual getaway yet, don't stress. JetBlue's Flip-Flop Hooray summer flight sale for 2019 is in full swing, which means you can find super cheap plane tickets if you start looking ASAP. I'm not trying to rush you, or anything; planning a vacation takes time. However, this sale won't be around forever — so it's probably better to act fast if you want to score affordable flights for the summer.

How fast will you need to act, anyway? That's totally up to you. I will tell you this, though: According to a JetBlue email announcing the special, the Flip-Flop Hooray flight sale will only be live until Thursday, June 20 at 11:59 p.m. ET. With that being said, you don't have a ton of time to plan your vacation before grabbing your wallet and buying plane tickets — so think about it. But if you were already planning on taking a summer vacay with your buddies, right now might be a good time to book it.

Before you email your boss and request some paid time off, you should know a few more details about the sale (regarding dates, of course).

Stephen Chernin/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As you could probably tell by the sale's name ("Flip-Flop Hooray"), it's only valid for summer vacays. In JetBlue's email announcing the special, the company provided a travel window for customers seeking cheap plane tickets and vacation packages. That window is between July 9, 2019 and Aug. 28, 2019, so plan accordingly. On top of that, most of the discounts that you'll find during the sale are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (depending on which locations you're looking at) — so you might want to take a few days off from work and travel during the week.

OK, now that you know when to book your summer vacation with JetBlue's Flip-Flop Hooray sale, you're probably wondering how you can do it. Thankfully, the process is pretty simple. The first thing you'll want to do is visit JetBlue's Best Fare Finder. (That's the page where you'll be able to scan flights and find sale prices.) Once you're there, you can start looking for plane tickets. In order to do so, enter your departure and destination locations, as well as the number of travels that you'll have with you.

Get your calendars out for the next step.

Once your locations (and traveler count) are set, hit the orange "Update fares" button below the search area. Then, scroll down the page until you see virtual calendars populate on your screen (they'll start with July). When you see those, you'll be able to explore discounted ticket options and choose which ones you want to move forward with. For the record, JetBlue's discounted tickets will be written in bold numbers. Once you find trips that work for you, hit "See flights" and start the booking process.

While you're searching for deals, you'll probably see a ton of affordable options. Some examples include this $45 one-way flight from Las Vegas, Nevada to Long Beach California and this $49 one-way flight from Orlando, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. Of course, there are plenty where they came from — so start scanning and book your summer vacay.