You Can Fly To Orlando For $44 During JetBlue’s Big Winter Flight Sale

One of my New Year's resolutions this year is to travel more. Yet one of my other goals for 2019 is to save more money. The two resolutions are a bit contradictory, but I'm all about making it work to my advantage. I'm always on the lookout for discounted flights to get me where I want to go. that's why I'm loving JetBlue's 2019 Big Winter Flight Sale. The low-cost fares start at just $44 for a one-way ticket ticket. If you want to score any of these amazing deals, you need to act quickly. This sale won't be around for much longer.

JetBlue's 2019 Big Winter Flight Sale is currently underway and it's chock full of so many fares under $100. The fare sale lasts for two days and will wrap up at 11:59 ET (or local time) on Friday, Jan. 4, according to JetBlue. Basically, you need to firm up your travel plans now and book your flights ASAP or you'll risk missing out on a seriously great deal. If you're ready to map out you're upcoming travels, you're probably wondering what destinations are included in this flight sale. I'm going to highlight a few notable fares below, and leave the rest up to you to find the destination of your dreams.

First up? This super affordable flight from Atlanta to Orlando. The fare starts at $44 for a one-way ticket. Orlando is usually associated with all things Disney World, but there's so much more to see. There are new breweries popping up, delicious restaurants for foodies, and, of course, the Cocoa Beach is less than an hour drive from the airport. So, if you're craving the sound of the ocean and warm, sunny temps, consider a trip to Orlando during JetBlue's Big Winter Flight sale.

If you're on the west coast, check out these flights from Long Beach to San Jose and San Francisco. Flights to both cities start at $44 for a one-way ticket. Even better? The return flights back to Long Beach also start at $44. If you can be flexible with your travel dates, you could fly for as little as $88 roundtrip.

There are a few other noteworthy fares to mention. If you'd like to view the full list of flights, head over to JetBlue's Deals page. Here are several of the other standout flights:

  • Pittsburg to Boston, $49
  • New York City to Worcester, Massachusetts, $49
  • Boston to Philadelphia, $54
  • Charleston, South Carolina to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, $54
  • Hartford, Connecticut to Washington, D.C., $54

To put a little perspective around just how incredibly discounted the fares are during JetBlue's Big Winter Flight Sale, let's consider the fact that the average cost of a plane ticket for the second half of 2018 was $349, according to data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you peruse the fares. JetBlue requires that you travel between Wednesday, Jan. 16 and Wednesday, April 10 for flights booked during The Big Winter Sale. There are two blackout dates to note: Tuesday, Feb. 19 and Wednesday, Feb. 20. Make sure to check out the details of each fare before you purchase your flight. JetBlue notes that there may be additional restrictions on certain fares and routes. It's easy to check the fine print. Once you've got your flight up, just click the details button to read more.

Remember, JetBlue's Big Winter Flight Sale won't be around for much longer. All tickets must be purchased no later than Wednesday, Jan. 4. BRB while I pack my bags.