You Can Save $500 On Your Vacay With JetBlue Vacations' Bundle Sale

Booking a vacation takes a lot of planning. First, you need to order your flights — and then, you need to plan which hotel you're going to stay at. After that, you have to get an itinerary together so you get the best out of your trip. Sometimes, it's easier to get it all done in one place, which is why JetBlue Vacations is so helpful. The site helps you book travel bundles so you can do your planning in one spot, and it's currently hosting a really great sale. That's right: JetBlue Vacations' flights and hotels bundle sale for 2019 will help you save hundreds of dollars on your upcoming trip. Plus, it's here just in time to help you plan your summer vacay.

If you haven't used JetBlue Vacations yet, I'll start from there. Instead of *just* flights, the website will help you book vacation packages that include plane tickets and hotel rooms. It'll even give you access to JetBlue's travel experts, who will help you plan your trip and find things to do while you're on the go. In other words, it'll help you plan your getaway in one spot with one set price (instead of working with dozens of companies to get your vacay in the books).

Now that you know more about JetBlue Vacations, I'll move onto the company's latest sale. (Trust me: You don't want to miss it, especially if you're in the midst of planning your summer getaway.)

JetBlue's latest special, cleverly dubbed "The Biggest Take Off Sale," will help you save hundreds of dollars on your next vacation bundle. Of course, the amount of money you'll be able to take off your final price depends on the total cost of your vacation package — but it's still an awesome deal.

It goes like this: If you spend at least $2,000 on your next vacation bundle with JetBlue, you can use the code "TAKE100" and get $100 off your final price. If you end up spending a minimum of $5,000 on your vacay package, you can use the code "TAKE300" for $300 off your total cost. Finally, if you spend at least $7,000 on your vacay, you can use the code "TAKE500" for — you guessed it — $500 off your final price.

See?! You can save a lot of money if you book your next vacation with JetBlue right now.

If you're stoked to get your summer vacay in the books, you aren't the only one. Michael Pezzicola, JetBlue Travel’s Head of Commercial, talked about the special in an email to Elite Daily. He said, "We are so thrilled to offer our biggest promotions just in time for customers to plan their summer vacations. Let JetBlue Vacations make everything about your vacation easy — from planning to booking to traveling and back again."

Those of you who are ready to book your vacation bundles with JetBlue can head to the company's website. When you're there, enter your departure and destination locations at the top of the screen, along with your travel dates and the amount of travelers and rooms you'll need. After that, you'll be able to scan bundle options and see which discounts you're eligible for.

Allison Joyce/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There's one more thing you should know before you book your vacation bundle, though. In order to score one of the three discounts, you'll have to book your trip before Monday, June 17. Plus, your travel dates will need to take place between June 17, 2019 and Jan. 30, 2020 to be eligible for the sale. If you follow those guidelines, you'll be good to go (and your wallet will thank you).