Jessica Biel Gets Real About Having Sex & Her Advice Is So, So Good

by Laura Rizzo
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Let's talk about sex, baby. According to Jessica Biel, people should talk about it open and honestly. The actress' latest endeavor, Tryst Network, with the founding CEO of WCG and CEO of Evofem Biosciences, Saundra Pelletier, is opening up the conversation about sexual health. Jessica Biel's quotes about sex are honestly so relatable... and educational.

Biel opened up about her sex life and her new organization during The 2018 MAKERS Conference. Tryst is a "sex positive" resource for women to easily find reliable information. However, Biel was quick to include the fact that men are also encouraged to join the conversation by adding,

Men - we need you, we want you, and we know you never got an opportunity to learn. We’re going to tell you all about periods. It’s going to be good.

According to Biel, it's important for you to be informed about your body and sex, but it's also crucial for your partner to be in the know, as well.

According to the Tryst website, their mission is to "improve the sexual health IQ of women and their partners through fun, reliable and empowering online content."

Biel explained that it was her personal experience that led her to Tryst. She realized her own gap in knowledge when starting a family. All the information about ovulation, cycles, and everything in-between got to be very overwhelming. In her words,

When I was thinking about starting a family, obviously I know how to do it. But I didn’t quite know how to do it.
Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of the goals of Tryst is to change the conversation about sex — get it out of the basement and into broad daylight. The website says,

We believe sex is natural, healthy, and fun — with or without a partner. We also believe it’s totally cool if you’re not having sex. The problem: Our culture often treats sex as something bad or shameful. And we don’t talk enough about the stuff we actually need to know about our bodies, our pleasure and our partners.

Humor is a strong tool that the organization is using to promote their message and pass along information. In the video below, Chelsea Handler guest stars alongside Biel to de-stigmatize sexual health if a fun and conversational way.

Handler walks in on Biel checking herself out in the mirror, and Biel asks if that's weird to do. Handler confidently responds, "No! You have to check in with your vagina. How else are you going to know what's going on down there?" Valid point.

When asked about how to understand our bodies better at the MAKERS Conference, Biel said, "Get a hand mirror and take a look."

Biel is doing her part to stop the spread of misinformation about sex which will hopefully result in "no more missed orgasms." One of Tryst's strongest missions is to get reliable information out into the world. The website explains,

With a judgement-free community and curated network of reliable resources, Tryst is dedicated to empowering you to make healthy, informed choices. From the newest science on sex to below-the-belt health questions, revealing first-person stories, and discussions about critical issues like consent and equality — no topic will be TMI or too taboo.

Since sex was the topic of conversation — of course, the question, "What's the best sexual advice that both of you have ever been given?" came up. Pelletier encouraged listeners that sex "doesn't have to be a burden," and it "doesn't just have to be the woman's responsibility." Basically, do what feels good and pleasurable — if it doesn't, feel empowered to ask why and make changes. Really solid advice.

Biel chimed in to add, "Don’t do it in the ocean, ever. It’s not good... salty." Also, sound words to live by.

Sexual health is important, and we should be able to talk about it openly. Hopefully, Tryst will start the conversation and keep it going.

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