Jessica Clarke is wearing workout clothes and smiling.

Jess Clarke's Quarantine Dream Day Includes Pancakes & Wine

by Alexa Mellardo
Elite Daily

Loyal fans of SweatNET Nashville and SweatNET Denver's Jessica Clarke know she never stops keeping it real on Instagram when it comes to her relationships, her wellness routine, and her lifestyle. Following Clarke's recent engagement to The Bachelor's Ben Higgins, her admirers are thirstier than ever for details on the couple's off-screen life.

In quarantine, Clarke's keeping busy by feeding fans' thirst. She posted the sweetest video from a date night with Higgins — which his organized for them — at a faux restaurant they set up in a room at home overlooking the water. She also posted a cozy photo in her sweats with a glass of wine, sharing an optimistic note with her fans in her caption: "There's hope in wine and puzzles and family time."

I chatted with Clarke for Elite Daily's How I Take Care feature about her version of self-care right now during the coronavirus pandemic, and she gave me the scoop on how she sets her day up for success, what she's learned about herself so far, and, surprisingly, what she misses most about life pre-quarantine.

Who she's currently quarantining with: Her fiancé, parents, brothers, and her sister-in-law

Her fave local restaurant: City House, because the grilled octopus "is one of my favorite things."

The Instagram Live workout she's done recently: Anything on SweatNET

Jessica Clarke

Her quarantine situation is basically like Full House.

[My family] was actually saying the other day [that] no one has snapped at anyone; [it's wild] how patient and fun everyone has been. We all get along really well. My brothers have always been my best friends, and so we just goof around. They've basically adopted Ben at this point.

She really misses... airplanes. Really.

Ben and I travel a ton and usually, at least once every two weeks, I'm on a plane. So it's been weird to not have a suitcase packed.

She's still an early bird.

I try and wake up before my fiancé and most of my family and I'll do a journal or read around 6:30 or 7:00. Even in quarantine, I still wake up that early.

And craving pancakes and wine. But not at the same time.

I'll wake up and have like a really, really slow morning with huge cup of coffee and a pancake breakfast. [Then, I'll] usually go on a long walk, come back, have a glass of wine, put on a face mask, and watch a movie with my family. That's my dream day.

You'll also want to cop her workout vibe rn.

[My workout] might be a long run and then a strength workout. It might be a walk. It might be just whatever I feel like. And I try and finish working out around 10:00. And then I'll shower. I'll usually have lunch around noon and go about my day. And then in there I answer emails before I work out usually.

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