Jennifer Lopez Debuted A Pixie Cut & It Made Me Do A Double Take

Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The start of a new year is always rife with hair transformations, but Jennifer Lopez's new pixie cut was one I never saw coming. For the singer's fourth time on the cover of Allure, she debuted her ultra short, chunky hair, and it's a totally different Lopez than fans just saw at President Joe Biden's Inauguration on Jan. 20. And, IMO, the way she style her pixie cut is bound to be everywhere in 2021.

Instead of the flowing locks she had during her performance at the 2021 Inauguration, this 'do is cut with choppy layers close to her head. This new look is, naturally, the creation of Lopez's longtime hairstylist Chris Appleton. “I’d like short hair on her,” Appleton told Page Six in December 2020. “For a while we were into bobs and stuff — Jennifer is always changing it up — but sometimes she’s like, ‘I’m not in the mood for short hair.’ And I’m like, ‘Why? It’s so cute.’” But, for the start of 2021, Appleton got his wish, and honestly, thank God for all of us.

However, Lopez's short pixie cut isn't all that's exciting about her Allure cover. She also went with a wet-hair look that's guaranteed to be a 2021 hair trend and is already a Lopez favorite. The 50-year-old rocked the look for her latest single "In the Morning" as well as at the 2020 AMAs. "Wet look hair has been another dominating trend most likely birthed from lengthy quarantines," Leigh Hardges, a stylist at Maxine Salon, tells Elite Daily with regard to 2021 hair trends. "Why blow dry when you can create a flawless look with freshly shampooed hair?"

Appleton used two products from Color Wow to create Lopez's glossy look. First, he applied the Dream Coat for Curly ($24, Color Wow), which is a go-to for the hairstylist. It gives waves and curls a frizz-free bounce and doesn't cause any crunchiness. Then, to achieve the high-shine wet look, he used the Pop and Lock Glossing Serum ($20, Color Wow). Really, I just wish my post-shower hair looked a fraction as good as Lopez's wet 'do.