Jennifer Lopez Dodged Alex Rodriguez Marriage Rumors Again In The Most Coy Way

by Candice Jalili
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I have never been less surprised than when I heard J. Lo and A-Rod started dating in February 2017. OK, maybe I was a little bit surprised, but that was only because I was shocked that they hadn't found each other earlier. The two are both mega hot and fit, come from similar backgrounds, and have fun nicknames. As far as I'm concerned, they're a match made in heaven. But that doesn't necessarily mean they're going to take the next step. In fact, Jennifer Lopez dodged Ellen DeGeneres's Alex Rodriguez marriage rumors in an interview with the talk show host this morning.

DeGeneres started the questioning by playing it super cool. "And now your boyfriend," she said "Remind me of his name?" LOL.

"Alex Rodriguez," Lopez responded with a laugh.

"That's right. He said that y'all are gonna be getting married."

"He did not say that," Lopez said through big laughs, even repeating herself another time for good measure, "He did not say that."

"He did," DeGeneres persisted. "He texted me earlier today and he said —"

"Let me see the text," Lopez interrupted.

"I don't have my phone with me! I'm working... so you'll be getting married?"

"I don't know," Lopez retorted after a long pause.

"You should! Cause y'all seem very happy."

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"We are! We've been together a couple years," Lopez said "It's nice." Then another really long pause until she finally had to ask, "What?"

"I mean, it would be good to do for Christmas," Degeneres responded.

More awkward silence.

So, yeah, I think it's safe to assume Lopez isn't going to budge on this. Which is obviously disappointing for fans, but, like, I'm happy for them and as long as they're happy I'm happy. I also understand why she might not want to tell her boyfriend to propose to her on national television.

Finally, DeGeneres broke the awkward silence by bringing up other potential Christmas gifts. "He said he was gonna give you something romantic, thoughtful but inexpensive," she told Lopez.

"Did he say inexpensive? That's not gonna work," Lopez retorted in what I'm pretty sure was a half-joke.

"He did say that," DeGeneres said. "That was not a text to me but —"

Lopez interrupted her again, "We don't work over time for that do we?"

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"No," DeGeneres concurred. "He's got some money."

"Smart and thoughtful I'll take — I mean, thoughtful and romantic." But, um, come on, A-Rod. You're dating J. Lo. Don't skimp on her Christmas gift.

Don't let all the Christmas talk fool you. Before cutting to commercial, DeGeneres made one more attempt at getting Lopez to spill the beans on marriage plans. "We're gonna take a break and then we're gonna find out when they will get married, because he did say that they are," she announced to the crowd.

"We are not finding that out," Lopez retorted.

Degeneres was unfazed, saying, "No, you're not leaving here until we are."

Much to all of our dismay, Lopez did leave without us finding out. But, hey, at least she seemed happy and at least Rodriguez now knows he's gotta spend the big bucks on her gift.

Watch the entire interview for yourself here: