Jeffree Star's Tattoos All Have A Unique Story Behind Them

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There's probably a few things that come to mind when you think about Jeffree Star. His long history of internet drama might be the first, but when he's not stirring up controversy, Star is known for his insane tattoos. The beauty guru is quite literally covered from head to toe, and is never afraid to put them on full display. With more than 70 pieces on his body, Jeffree Star's tattoos will impress you to no end.

The bulk of Star's tattoos were inked by famed artist Kat Von D. The two aren't exactly friends anymore, but Star still says her artwork means the world to him. In 2016, when detailing each of his tattoos for the first time, he spoke on the special meaning tattoos hold for him.

"I spent a lot of time bonding and being tattooed from her," Star said of Kat Von D. "So, I just want to put it out there that no matter what she did to me, no matter what played out, at the end of the day, I respect her artwork. I think that she is one of the best portrait tattoo artists in the entire world."

"I am so proud to be covered by her work. She tattooed so many cool moments...even just the tattoo on my neck, that’s my great grandmother who passed away when I was in high school, and she did this memorial piece on me. We had so many close sentimental moments and I will always respect her artwork," Star added.

Some of Star's ink is fierce AF, while other artwork on his body is more sentimental. But all of it is a must-see for true tattoo lovers. These are Star's most memorable and meaningful tattoos to date.

The Audrey Hepburn Portrait

One of Star's earliest tattoos was the portrait of Audrey Hepburn he got inked on his chest. When had the idea to get his favorite beauty queens tattooed, he called up Kat Von D for the job. It was the first time they worked together on a piece.

Fans of Star's beauty collection know that he was so fascinated by Hepburn, he even named one of his lipstick shades after her film Breakfast At Tiffany's.

YouTube/Jeffree Star
A Portrait Of His Great-Grandmother

After Star's great-grandmother passed away, he found a picture of her while looking through her stuff. He loved the photo so much, he wound up getting it tattooed in black and white on his neck.

His massive Mona Lisa tattoo

Star revealed in his first Tattoo Diaries video that the Mona Lisa painting always spoke to him because of theories that Da Vinci's painting was actually of an androgynous man. The tattoo is one of Star's largest, stretching across the entirety of his left rib cage.

The Elvis Portrait

Adding to his collection celebrity portraits, Star felt it wouldn't be right to not include the king — Elvis Presley.

When speaking on his favorite icons, Star said: "Elvis was definitely a heavy-hitter, he was so cool... I loved his hair, his style. He really was the definition of legendary."

The Shark On His Stomach

What better way to face your fears than to stamp it on your body? According to his Tattoo Diaries, Star is scared of sharks, but made the bold decision to ink one across the entirety of his stomach.

The shark is similar to the one on the poster for the film Jaws, a film Star admits he's seen about 50 times.

YouTube/Jeffree Star
His 'Cat Woman' Tattoo

Star got his ultra-fierce Cat Woman tattoo in 2014, and shared a photo of it to Instagram. He revealed it was done by famed tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado.

The Patrick Bateman Tat

Star enlisted his friend Brian Gonzalez to draw up this tattoo of Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. Star loved the film so much, he opted to have Bateman's face stamped on his bod forever.

Jeffree Star/YouTube
His Kurt Cobain Portrait

Star grew up listening to Nirvana, and was such a big fan of Cobain, he got his face inked smack dab in the middle of his chest. In an episode of Tattoo Diaries, Star revealed many of Cobain's songs helped him "grow as a person and soothed his soul."

The Ice Cream Cone

Star is tatted all the way up to his neck, and says one of his favorite tattoos up there is his ice cream cone. Inked by ex-pal Kat Von D, the artwork is an ode to his extreme sweet tooth. "I am obsessed with sugar," Star said in his first episode of Tattoo Diaries.

The word "Delicious" sits atop the artwork, and years after Star got the tattoo, he ended up naming his Pomeranian puppy "Delicious."

YouTube/Jeffree Star
His "Can't Relate" Ankle Tat

"Can't relate" has been a frequently used internet term, but Star may have been ahead of the curve. He's had the phrase tattooed on his body for years.

The tat was actually a cover-up for a less-than-favorable tattoo Star previously had, but fans loved the update.

His MAC Lipstick Tube

To commemorate his first job ever — a retail gig at a MAC Cosmetics store — Starr got a large MAC lipstick tube tatted on his arm. These days, Starr heads up a makeup brand of his own, but at least he'll never forget his humble beginnings.

YouTube/Jeffree Star
His Anna Nicole Smith Tattoo

To add to his beauty queen portrait collection, Star inked Anna Nicole Smith on his butt. The portrait of Smith was done by Kat Von D in June 2015, and she proudly showed it off via Twitter at the time.

Despite it being relatively hidden on his body, Star still shows it off from time to time.

His Pennywise Tattoo

In case it wasn't already apparent Star is a total film buff, he also had a massive tattoo inspired by the movie It. In 2017, when the remake of It came out, Star took to Instagram to share how much the flick meant to him, and gave fans a close-up look at his Pennywise tattoo.

"Since the whole world is watching #IT 🎈Throw back to my tattoo of #Pennywise done by @little_pingping 🤡 I've been a huge Stephen King fan since I was in 6th grade and have read every single one of his books," he wrote. "Fun fact: I own every single first edition book he's put out and have a library in my house."

The Classic Red-Lipped Beauty Queen

In his second installment of Tattoo Diaries, Star explained that the woman on his arm is a portrait of a classic beauty shop girl. Reminiscent of the signs that many nail and hair salons keep in their windows, the raven-haired beauty represented "beauty and danger" to Star.

He explained the tattoo was done by a woman named Zoey whom he met on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, and they instantly bonded.

YouTube/Jeffree Star
Sharon Tate

Star's Sharon Tate tattoo was also done by Kat Von D. Star revealed in one of his Tattoo Diaries episodes that he's a huge fan of her 1967 film Valley of The Dolls.

His Mannequin Doll Tattoo

Starr explained how his shtick back in the day was "mixing pretty and ugly," and he dedicated a whole arm of tattoos to the theme.

Star's creeptastic mannequin tattoo sits smack-dab in the middle of a razor blade and the word "Vanity."

YouTube/Jeffree Star
His Spice Girls Tattoo

In an interview with Westword magazine, Star explained how important music is to him, and why the Spice Girls made it to the list of artists he tattooed on his body.

"I have over seventy tattoos," Star said.. "Music is really important to me; Kurt Cobain is important to me. Hearing Nirvana was pretty life-changing. But so were *NSYNC, Britney Spears and the Spice Girls."

Facebook/Jeffree Star
His Best Friend Tattoo

One of Star's tattoos is a nod to his best friend Britney. As Star explained in Tattoo Diaries, they used to use the phrase "there's always a catch" in conversation so much they shortened it to "TAAC." Star eventually inked the abbreviation on his arm.

The Infamous Hand Tattoo

Star has admitted he constantly gets questioned about his hand tattoo, a sullen-looking girl with purple hair. Well, it turns out it's "literally no one," according to Star's Tattoo Diaries.

"The tattoo artist who did this, his name was Gunner," said Star. At the time, he was in Redlands, California tattooing out there. I saw his artwork online, fell in love with it. It was all these creepy really cool different characters and he just kind of drew it."

YouTube/Jeffree Star
His Knuckle Tattoos

If you take a close look at Star's hand's, you'll realize his knuckles say "Cat's Meow." Star revealed in a Tattoo Diaries segment that it was a phrase his grandmother frequently used back in the day.

He revealed the artwork was done by Brian Gonzales from the famed Inkslingers tattoo studio.

Jeffree Star/YouTube