You'll Learn SO Much Watching This Video Of James Charles Doing Charli D'Amelio's Makeup

Well, my fellow internet dwellers, it looks like two ends of the interwebs have collided. Beauty YouTuber James Charles uploaded a video doing Charli D'Amelio's makeup, and the whole thing is honestly illuminating. The two chatted all things TikTok, YouTube, and Charli's short (so far) but swift ride to internet fame while Charles gave D'Amelio a full-glam, pastel look, and the end result is so gorgeous and so different from D'Amelio's usual style.

At the start of the video, Charles, a well-known Beautuber with over 17 million subscribers, and 15-year-old D'Amelio, who skyrocketed to fame seemingly overnight thanks to her viral dance videos on TikTok, revealed the two have actually been "hanging out for literally weeks now," though this is one of the first times the two have formally collaborated, apart from a TikTok teasing their current makeup video. At first glance, the two couldn't be more different, at least as it relates to their makeup routines. Charles wears a full face of makeup, lashes and all, nearly every day, while D'Amelio says in the video her normal makeup routine includes "concealer (if I'm breaking out), blush, bronzer, mascara, [and] highlight (if I'm feeling fancy)."

D'Amelio decides on a full glam instead of her usual natural look — because when else are you gonna have the opportunity for Charles himself to give you a full glam. Charles starts off by moisturizing D'Amelio's skin to make it appear more "supple," which D'Amelio is noticeably unsure of (same kind of?), before diving into her complexion. Charles doesn't announce which products he's using (rude!!!), instead opting to chat with D'Amelio through how her life has changed since catapulting to TikTok fame. "It's weird seeing how things change," she says. "Some people will try and go live and try and talk bad about me, [and] try and make me look like a person that I'm not."

Of course, the positives of her fame aren't lost on D'Amelio. As Charles blends her foundation, she notes how grateful she is for the opportunities she's been given and for being able to meet the people she's "been watching for years" — Charles included. As Charles blends in some Tarte Shape Tape Concealer — basically the second step in the whole routine — D'Amelio says this is the most makeup she's ever worn. @Charli, what's it like to be a teen with perfect skin???

As Charles bronzes D'Amelio up, she also reveals she's working on some opportunities outside of TikTok and her usual dance lessons and competitions, including potentially trying out "voice acting for a movie." Considering her voice is strangely calm and soothing, 10/10 would listen.

As the social media stars move through blush, brows, and a stunning pastel eyeshadow look that matches the tie-dye "sisters" merch D'Amelio's wearing, they talk through everything from angry fan run-ins, their biggest life changes post-fame, and how D'Amelio's overnight stardom initially overwhelmed her. For a truly enlightening look at just what TikTok fame entails for a teen like D'Amelio — and a dreamy pastel glam you'll wanna copy ASAP — watch the full video above.