James Charles Has A Message For Anyone Who Thinks He's Annoying

Taylor Hill/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Dixie D'Amelio's Dec. 9 episode of The Dixie D'Amelio Show, she discussed all sorts of topics, but none were more interesting than James Charles' response to people who think he's annoying on YouTube. Lots of makeup influencers get involved in a decent amount of eye-roll-worthy controversy, but Charles tends to be a mainstream lightning rod for scandal and gossip; his insight during his interview with D'Amelio is key to understanding why he gets branded as "annoying" in various drama channel compilations.

"There's a lot of videos of you on YouTube where it's like, 'James Charles Annoying Someone For This Amount of Time,'" D'Amelio kicked off the portion of their interview about Charles' reputation. "Why are you the headline of that?"

Charles' answer was surprisingly objective, and considered all the perspectives that might compel someone to make a video branding his personality as "annoying." He reflected on the beginning of his career, and said, "I started out my career as a meme." He listed several incidents that went viral online as evidence, like his senior year portraits and Coachella outfits.

"Everything I do is meme-able. That's part of the marketing of why I'm here still today. I don't mind it, I like being a meme," Charles stated. While he might enjoy being a meme from time to time, some of his more serious controversies caused him serious distress, like his intense spat with fellow guru Tati Westbrook that started over Charles' promotion of a new vitamin line, versus Westbrook's own. He previously stated that this controversy in particular, branded "Dramageddon" by online commentators, caused his mental health to suffer severely.

Regardless, based on his statements to D'Amelio, Charles seems to appreciate light-hearted fun on the internet, even if it is at his expense. "It's really important to not let the haters get to you, the 'Step-Sisters,'" he told her, referencing the name given to the anti-fandom that watches his videos. "The second you start letting people know it's hurting you ... it lets people know what they're doing is working."

Charles qualified this by saying he still sticks up for himself in moments where he's being unjustly attacked, but all in all, he tends to avoid responding to extremely negative comments that aren't in the name of meme-ery. So, if you're still LOL-ing at his singing videos, he doesn't care. He's laughing with you.