Jackson Wang's New "Oxygen" Music Video Is So Good, It's Like A Breath Of Fresh Air


GOT7’s Jackson Wang just dropped a new single called “Oxygen” and he’s ready to share the music video with fans as well! Jackson Wang’s “Oxygen” music video is everything you’ve been hoping for and so much more!

Wang announced that he’d be releasing “Oxygen” back in March with a tweet that read, “Faded Will not be released TEAMWANG Let's move on 【 Oxygen 】🔥#Oxygen #04 #TEAMWANG #moveon #blessed #jacksonwang #잭슨 #王嘉爾.”

“Oxygen” is basically a replacement of sorts for “Faded,” a single that was set for release in March 2019, but was shelved last minute for reasons that were not revealed to fans.

In any case, Wang decided to release “Oxygen” instead and although fans were bummed they'd never see "Faded," they're still super excited about "Oxygen." Now the video is finally here and it totally epitomizes Wang as an artist. The video is really creative and impactful, highlighting how great a talent Wang is.

The video is super dark and begins with a shot of girl's hand resting against a frozen, glass wall. The camera then zooms in and the girl's hand fades away to reveal Wang walking through a dark space. The camera goes topsy-turvy and then returns back to Wang to reveal he's standing in a glass box, and then he looks down at his hand and it's revealed his hand has turned into a branch. Soon, the whole box is engulfed in vines just when Wang is about to be totally eaten up by the veins, the box goes black again.

Next, when the camera pans out, it's revealed that Wang is standing on a stage in the middle of a large body of bumpy waters. In the next shot, he's actually in the water and the girl from the beginning of the video is a distance away from him, floating eerily, and they reach out to each other. But as the girl floats closer, she begins to dissolve into tiny oxygen bubbles as Wang sheds a single tear.

Like, this is some heavy stuff, y'all! I mean, that tear? It was like a sword through my heart. I actually think Jackson is floating in an ocean of MY tears.

OK, that's enough of that. Just to give you some background information, “Oxygen” is all about being dependant on someone else because they're like your oxygen. So, the song and the video really go hand in hand. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you definitely need to take a moment and watch!

Watch Jackson Wang’s music video for “Oxygen” down below:

Amazing, right?

I don't know about you, but I'm enamored by the song, the video, and by Wang himself. And his fans fur sure, too. One can only imagine his Got7 bandmates are also in his corner loving every second of this song.

All in all, I think you can safely say that Wang has a hit on his hands. And Wang himself is really proud of the effort he’s put forth, which makes this even better.