Ivanka Trump Shared Pics From Election Day 2016, If You Can Handle It

by Alexandra Svokos
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Wednesday, Nov. 8 marks the one-year anniversary of the 2016 election. On that day, voters took to the polls to vote for their next president, and the majority picked Hillary Clinton. But because of the Electoral College, Donald Trump won in a huge shock. It was a whole thing, IDK how you missed it! Well, first daughter Ivanka Trump shared some Election Day photos on Instagram this Nov. 8 to recount how she, her family, and the Trump campaign spent that historic day. (Although, technically speaking, Donald Trump was not announced as the winner of the election until Nov. 9, and yes, I'll nitpick.)

In case you've blocked the day out of your memory, the 2016 Election Day started like any other Election Day... except that this one would end with an unprecedented result, whichever side won. Based on basically every poll ever, Clinton was slated to win, with very few questions of that result. Throughout the day, people went to the polls to cast their ballot, and anticipation grew.

That night, the election took over New York City, where both Clinton and Donald Trump were hosting their respective election parties. When the results started coming in, it was all going according to plan. For about an hour. And then everything got twisted. Both campaigns scrambled to prepare the the unexpected results, and the Trump campaign now had to figure out what to do with an unplanned-for victory.

In her anniversary Instagram post, Ivanka Trump details what she was up to throughout that time, with pictures to match. See it here:

At 10:52 a.m. on Nov. 8, 2016, Trump writes, she and her daughter, Arabella, were "in the car on the way to cast our vote for Grandpa!" She included pictures of Arabella and Donald in a car, as well as herself and Arabella walking out of a polling place along with her husband, Jared Kushner. At that point, they're all in fairly casual clothes.

By 8:44 p.m., Trump was "watching the election results roll in." Here, she shared a picture of a room full of advisers, including what looks like Sean Spicer, Eric Trump, and Hope Hicks, along with a bunch of election maps. Trump also included a photo of a larger group of people — including Mike and Karen Pence and Donald Trump Jr. — watching the results.

Next up, at 1:26 a.m., Trump writes, she, her father, her husband, and Stephen Miller were "working on the victory speech." There's a picture of Miller, Donald, and Ivanka Trump in front of a Dell computer in an ornate room. Another picture shows Kushner there, as well.

Finally, at 2:52 a.m., Trump captions, there was "victory!" The last picture in her Instagram series is a blurry shot of her father speaking at a podium in front of the family, who watches him from behind. Tiffany Trump makes an appearance here.

Are we done? Did we get through it?

There was just one more piece to Trump's election anniversary Instagram. She writes at the end of her Instagram caption,

It’s been an incredible year. I’m as proud of my father’s commitment to and passion for our great country today as I was exactly a year ago! #MAGA #USA #Nov8

Whew, OK, we made it through to the end of that! Everyone let out a deep breath. You did it.

Reliving the 2016 presidential election on this first anniversary is bringing up a lot of emotions for many Americans. Obviously, those feelings are wildly varied depending on their political leanings and how the last year of politics has been for them. The Trumps, of course, are remembering the 2016 Election Day fondly. That doesn't mean you have to. Democracy!