It’s Wild That These 42 Genius Products On Amazon Are Under-The-Radar

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You can call it vanity, but I take a little bit of pride in being the first person in my group of friends to discover an awesome product that hasn't really hit the mainstream yet. Remember Yeti tumblers? I had it first. Those wool shoes you see all over Facebook? Yep, first to the finish line on those ones too. And don't get me started on all the genius under-the-radar Amazon products I find just through this job alone — I could write an encyclopedia on it all and still need room for more.

Alas, writing an encyclopedia sounds hard, whereas making this slideshow is presumably much easier, and with 90 percent more color photos. From a set of bamboo dishcloths that are so absorbent that they're able to soak up oil, to an LED makeup light that requires zero installation and can be taken anywhere, these are all clever products on Amazon that none of your friends would ever realize they need — until they see you sporting immaculately-winged eyeliner that you achieved using the eyeliner stamp on this list.

Don't be surprised if you see your friends picking up a few of these products after they've seen you use them — but always remind them you got there first.

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