12 Times It's Your Pity Party & You Should Really Cry If You Want To

Pity parties have been categorized as not-so-celebrations that ultimately worsen your situation. But there's such a thing as a constructive pity party that allows you to cry it out for the time being (while still maintaining your adulthood status), and then moving on with life. You don't hear enough that it's OK to cry, because many people view that as weakness or feeling sorry for yourself. Kick that idea to the curb.

Societal definitions of crying have stripped it of one of the main things it allows us to do — letting go of things. Crying allows you to let all of those emotions out when you need to, instead of letting them all remain bottled up inside for quite some time.

You need that outlet, and no one has the right to tell you what is worth and not worth crying about. Just because you are an adult, that doesn't mean your crying sessions should be non-existent all of a sudden. In fact, crying says a little something about your emotional intelligence, if you ask me. Any of these situations are means for a small pity party thrown exclusively by you, where the streamers are the salty waterworks running down your cheeks. You'll get through this, girlfriend — so get to throwing that pity party.

When You Don't Land A Job You Really Wanted

Rejection sucks, especially when it involves your professional ventures. Your dream job might not be in your grips right now, but that doesn't mean it's unreachable forever. You've got to keep trying.

When You Get A Bad Haircut That Really Can't Be Tweaked

So, you saw a super cute style on Pinterest, brought it to your stylist, and all else afterwards was a complete and utter fiasco. It's OK to shed a tear about it, because it's your image — duh. You and your hair will grow from this, though, so things are looking up.

When You're Overwhelmed AF By Your Class Schedule

College has a way of stretching you so thin. Your intense schedule might be making things seem hectic, and you could use a breather. Crying is basically part of every college student's agenda at some point.

When You're Seriously Miserable At Your Job

Everyone experiences that one job that is so, so horrible. It's the job that helps you establish your professional worth and expectations. Let it out.

When Your Love Interest Ghosts You

In my opinion, being ghosted is one of the loneliest and most confusing experiences ever. There's nothing OK about it, and crying through it could definitely help you get past it. For real though — ghosting someone should seriously be against the law.

When Your Last Single Friend Gets Engaged

OK, you are happy for your friends who are married and engaged, but you can't help but think about your happy ever after. Things are changing and it can be a lot to handle. Oh, adulting can be such a blissful living hell at times.

When Your BFF Has A New Friend And They're Inseparable

No matter how old you get, you will still feel some type of way about your BFF semi-replacing you. Yeah, you'll always have the memories with them, but you don't want another person to get in the way of your dope friendship. That's your BFF, damn it.

If Your Childhood Fur Baby Passes Away

Losing your childhood pet is no different than if you were still a kid hearing the heartbreaking news. Your furry friend was your whole world, and the second you find out, you'll flash through every amazing memory you had with them. Ugh, it's beyond sad.

When Plans You Were So Excited About Fall Apart

When you and your friends took time planning something and the plans fall apart, it's OK to cry about it. This could have been a sick vacation or a fun meet-up. What matters is that you were really stoked about it, and now you have to totally forget about it.

When Your Car Craps Out On You

Car problems are really a nightmare. It can seem like the world is against you when your car all of a sudden stops working. It's an adult problem, but it can still warrant some tears on your end.

When You See Your Ex With Someone New For The First Time

Seeing your ex with someone new is never anything you can fully prepare for. That person was a critical part of your life, and now you have to witness them moving on with someone else. Exes can pull at our hearts strings in the worst kind of way.

When You Aren't Picked For A Promotion You Worked Hard For

All that hard work and no pay off? That can be such a bummer, and you may feel incredibly discouraged. Your time will come, though, and it's fine to shed a tear or two about something that could have been so great.

Strength is not defined by how many tears you hold back. It's about how many timely tears you let fall, water your soul, and allow you to grow.