It's Not Even Worth Having Amazon Prime If You're Not Buying These 69 Clever Products

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Amazon Prime has become one of the most worthwhile investments for anyone who prefers the comfort of their own home to braving the hard, cruel world that exists outside — or at the very least, has no interest in going shopping. No longer does anyone need to visit multiple stores to buy six bottles of dish soap along with a pair of snow boots, as Amazon has thousands of clever products with endless combinations — besides, what's better than going on a shopping spree while parked on your couch in sweatpants?

Need a universal tablet stand that's fully adjustable, plus an air fryer that crisps your foods without the huge vat of hot oil? Amazon can get that to you in two days. Or how about a water bottle with its own built-in juice press? Go ahead and indulge in that free two-day shipping, but maybe you'll get lucky — sometimes my orders arrive after just one day, and it's like getting a nice little surprise in the middle of the week.

Always need to make sure you're taking advantage of your Prime membership — otherwise, it's a waste of money. And with all the brilliant products available on Amazon, that's just as easily done as it is said.

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