Sofia Carson used a dance double in 'Feel the Beat' on Netflix.

Fans Have 1 Big Question About Sofia Carson's Dance Scenes In 'Feel The Beat'

Ian Watson/Netflix

Netflix's latest original movie is full of show-stopping dance numbers, and Disney Channel star Sofia Carson is front and center for all of them. But while Carson has danced a bit before in her career, the extreme technical ability shown in Feel the Beat might have viewers wondering whether Sofia Carson is actually dancing in Feel the Beat, or whether she had some help. Understandably, there was a pro who came in to nail the more intense and precise dance moves.

Carson stars as the ambitious dancer April Dibrina in Feel the Beat, which Netflix released on June 19. The film follows April's journey as she struggles to make it as a dancer on Broadway, but soon finds a renewed inspiration for her dancing talents by teaching a dance class in her hometown in Wisconsin. Not only is it a total feel-good dramedy, but the movie is also packed with tons of incredible dance performances.

Although Carson has shown off her dancing skills before in musical movies like the Descendants series and in her own pop music career, a body double was brought in so that April could nail some of the killer moves shown in the film. The character is supposed to be a Broadway-level dancer, after all.

Dancer Jessy Lipke confirmed she served as Carson's dance double for Feel the Beat in a post on her Instagram account. Lipke posted a ton of photos of herself and Carson looking like identical twins in all of their dance costumes from the set of the movie.

Since Carson clearly has some stellar dancing talents at her disposal — which are on display in many of her music videos — Lipke likely only had to step in for the highly technical moves, which totally makes sense.

You can watch all of Caron and Lipke's dancing moments in Feel the Beat, streaming on Netflix now.