The Masked Singer

Here's Why Fans Are Convinced Sarah Hyland Is The Kitty On 'The Masked Singer'

by Ani Bundel

The Masked Singer is officially a month into Season 3, with five episodes of eliminations so far. To date, fans have seen Robot, Llama, Elephant, Mouse, and Miss Monster unmasked, some of which brought surprise revelations (hello, Tony Hawk). But with "Group B" rounding into its third episode, fans are starting to guess which celebrity is wearing what costume in earnest. The latest contestant fans think they've figured out: Kitty. But is Sarah Hyland the Kitty on The Masked Singer? Let's look at the evidence.

One thing fans have been really tuned into is the Kitty's two different-colored eyes. But even though this David Bowie-like aspect makes the Kitty as far out as a starman waiting in the sky, it's doubtful the person underneath also has mismatched peepers.

The more essential clues probably lie in what the Kitty says, rather than how she looks. (For instance, the Llama was styled to look like Howard Stern. Then it turned out the celebrity underneath was Drew Carey.) So far these clues include:

  • She feels at home among the "weird" and the "wonderful."
  • She's "trying to wipe the slate clean," suggesting this is a turning point in her career.
  • And this quote: "Sometimes it makes me feel lonely because people don’t think of me as the person I’ve become, but the person I once was."

Here are all the clues, as laid out by Kitty in her introductory video:

Now, let's hear the Kitty sing. Here's her first performance, "Dangerous Woman" by Ariana Grande.

Her second song choice, for what it's worth, was the country tune "Mercy" by Brett Young. So, she's not just a fan of R&B, but rather shows a variety of tastes and styles.

So why do fans think these clues add up to Sarah Hyland? For one thing, Hyland was launched into stardom by playing Haley Dunphy on Modern Family. Her hint that people don't see her as she is now, but as she was, is a massive hurdle for child and teenage actors to get over, especially once the show that made them famous ends. Hyland was 18 when cast on Modern Family; her role was that of the stereotypical American teenager. A decade later, she's almost 30, but in the minds of the public, she's still that teenage starlet. That makes it hard to get cast in more mature roles.

Speaking of shows that end, that's the other clue fans are hanging the theory on. Kitty's hint that she's trying to start over would line up with Hyland's need for a new beginning now that Modern Family is drawing to a close after 11 seasons.

Could Hyland be under the Kitty mask? Fans will have to wait and see which of Group B is eliminated in the final round of their playoffs on Wednesday, March 4.