Noah Centineo Is Reportedly Dating Alexis Ren, So The Internet Has Lost Its Boyfriend

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I've got some sad news for To All the Boys I've Loved Before fans, because the internet's boyfriend is reportedly off the market. Peter Kavinsky himself has reportedly been stepping out with a new leading lady, and if you've been following recent reports, you might be wondering, is Noah Centineo dating Alexis Ren? Well, according to Us Weekly's sources, the pair has been seeing each other for months now, and they're not exactly making a secret of their budding romance. Elite Daily reached out to Centineo and Ren's reps for comment on the reports, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

If you're feeling a little more sad than you should be right now about a celebrity dating someone who isn't you, I don't really blame you. While Centineo's time in the spotlight has been brief, his meteoric rise in fame after playing Peter Kavinsky in the 2018 Netflix hit launched a thousand crushes and led to him being dubbed the internet's boyfriend. Personally, I've been shipping him and co-star Lana Condor for a while now, but it turns out that the actor has been stepping out with a new flame for a few months, according to Us Weekly.

That new flame would be Alexis Ren, who's made a name for herself as a model and Dancing with the Stars contestant. She's also pretty well-known in the influencer realm and boasts over 13 million followers on Instagram. While it's unclear exactly when the pair met or how long they've been romantically linked, speculation started flying about their relationship status after Centineo was recently spotted picking up the 22-year-old from the airport in Palm Beach, Florida.

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A witness told Us Weekly that the pair didn't hesitate from showing off some PDA: "He picked her up as she was on my flight. He was waiting for her at baggage claim. He kissed her on the head, [and] they were holding hands and hugging."

Meanwhile, another source told the publication that this isn't the first time that they've been spotted hanging out together, as they were recently seen leaving a restaurant in L.A. together.

"He wrapped his arm around [Ren] and kissed the side of her forehead and kept her in a tight side-hug as they walked to the valet," the eyewitness said.

I did some sleuthing of my own, and while I noticed that they do not currently follow each other on Instagram, there are two posts from earlier this month that look like they could be from the same photoshoot. In each, the subject can be seen with an unnamed man or woman's hand on their face.

In Ren's collage, she included a screenshot of a text conversation, where someone can be seen telling her that he thinks of her all the time and that she is "this gentle layer over [his] reality." If that's not something that an internet boyfriend would say, I don't know what is.

Instagram/Alexis Ren

Both of the stars have yet to comment on their relationship status, so I'm sure fans will be holding their judgment for now while keeping an eye out for more public sightings and PDA. Personally, I'm just hoping that Ren can convince Centineo to dye his bleach blonde beard back to brunette in time for fall.