Is Nick Jonas' "This Is Heaven" about Priyanka Chopra? The lyrics are so dreamy.

Nick Jonas Debuted A New Song On 'SNL' & It's A Romantic Bop About Priyanka

by Daffany Chan
Jo Hale/Redferns/Getty Images

Nick Jonas debuted a new song during his SNL hosting stint, and it's got fans around the world enamored. The 28-year-old singer surprised viewers with a dreamy new track called "This is Heaven" while performing on Saturday Night Live. Since the song has such romantic lyrics, you may be wondering if Nick Jonas' "This is Heaven" is about Priyanka Chopra. Here's everything you need to know about the lovey-dovey ballad.

Jonas doubled as both host and musical guest of Saturday Night Live on Saturday, Feb. 27. For his first performance, Jonas performed his single "Spaceman," which was released on Feb. 25. For the second performance of the night, the singer debuted his new song, "This is Heaven." The R&B-infused track is an ode to a lover that's packed with dreamy lyrics. Jonas sings to the mystery lover in the pre-chorus: "Every kiss with you, it's like your prayer falls from my lips/Now I'm a believer." He continues on in the chorus, describing the magical experience: "This is heaven/And I don't know how this could get much better."

With such romantic lyrics, people are naturally assuming that Jonas' new song is about his wife, Chopra — of course, they were correct. In an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, Jonas shared that all the songs on his upcoming album, Spaceman, are in fact penned to Chopra.

"She loves it. Most of the songs are pretty much just love letters, which when I can't articulate the way I feel with my words with no music, I go to the studio," Nick said in the interview. "And I'm grateful to have that because it makes her happy, and that's most important."

If Jonas and Chopra's relationship couldn't get any more adorable, "This is Heaven" will certainly have you seeing hearts. If you're already grooving to "This is Heaven" and "Spaceman," then get excited for even more bops when the singer's third full album, Spaceman, drops on March 12.