Michael Kors Made A Decision About Using Fur & Twitter Is Freaking The Faux Out

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The latest trend sweeping the fashion world is a huge victory for animal lovers. More and more brands are pledging to forgo real fur, and the most recent designer to hop on board is a very pleasant surprise. After impassioned protests impacted the designer's brand, everyone was left wondering: Is Michael Kors going fur free?

I can report that yes, Michael Kors has given official word that all products will be fur free by the end of 2018. This news is doubly exciting, because Michael Kors bought luxury brand Jimmy Choo earlier this year, and is vowing that both brands will soon be rid of fur. Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo are not alone in abandoning their use of fur, which is growing trend in the clothing industry.

Only a few months ago, fashion heavy hitter Gucci made a similar statement, announcing that they would no longer use, promote, or publicize animal fur as of their spring 2018 collection, which debuted in September 2017. Stella McCartney's designs have always been vegan-friendly, as she doesn't use any leather or fur in her designs. Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren are also all fur-free, and online high-fashion group Yoox Net-A-Porter follows the Fur Free Alliance's guidelines, which allow only shearling, sheepskin, and leather.

Faux fur has clearly been trending for some time, so why is Michael Kors only now getting on the bandwagon? A recent incident may have been the catalyst.

Back in June of 2017, Michael Kors was speaking about his ultra-successful business empire at the Metropolitan Museum of Art when anti-fur protestors stormed the stage.

The activists held up signs reading "F*CK FUR." Kors' only response to the disruption was, "It's fashion," insinuating that the industry and clothes lovers alike compel him to use fur in his designs.

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Fast forward to December 2017 and Kors seems to have been swayed by the protest β€” products such as the above coat will no longer be seen on his fashion week runways by the end of 2018.

Kors released a statement about his brand's decision, "Due to technological advances in fabrications, we now have the ability to create a luxe aesthetic using non-animal fur. We will showcase these new techniques in our upcoming runway show in February." John D. Idol, the chairman and CEO of the Michael Kors brands also spoke out: "This decision marks a new chapter as our company continues to evolve its use of innovative materials."

I bet that many people, Stella McCartney included, would no-doubt say these techniques and materials have been around long enough that Kors could have made this shift much sooner. Better late than never, I suppose.

Be free!

Twitter is naturally offering up the best reactions to this announcement. Anti-animal cruelty coalitions were among the elated users.

The Humane Society International was overjoyed at the announcement, "BREAKING NEWS: @MichaelKors is going fur-free! Join us in thanking Michael Kors, & its Jimmy Choo brand, for this incredible move for animals. πŸ‘"

Peta has long been protesting the brand, and their UK branch tweeted their excitement at this change, "After meeting with @peta US officials today, Michael Kors has announced they are dropping fur!"

Fur Free Retailer tweeted, "Thank you @MichaelKors for going fur-free! The global luxury group joins #furfreeretailer #futureoffashion #MKfurfree" The Fur Free Retailer site is an excellent place to look for other fur-free brands to make your shopping habit a little more guilt-free.

Individual Twitter users were equally excited about the victory.

This momentous occasion is a reminder that your voices are heard β€” and that we can all make an impact in the things we believe in.