The 'Westworld' Season 2 Finale Leaves Fans Begging For Details About Maeve's Fate

by Ani Bundel

Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 2 finale follow. Maeve has had a hard few episodes leading up to Westworld's finale. Her quest to find her daughter was successful, only for her to lose the girl again when she was shot by security forces coming to "save the humans." Since then she's been in the labs underground, pulled to pieces, and her ability to communicate wordlessly to the other hosts reconfigured in Clementine to be used as a weapon against her people. But after the finale's ending at the Valley Beyond, fans are desperate to know: Is Maeve really dead?

When Ford visited Maeve last week, he encouraged her to rise up and get herself out of the situation. So at the top of the episode, she did just that. When her lab tech came to dismember her, he found the tables turned and he was dismembered instead, and the hosts she controlled took it upon themselves to put her back together again. All of Maeve's men indeed.

Speaking of putting Maeve back together, her gang was on their way. They'd found Lee, and took him to task for putting her in this situation. They were about to blast their way into the labs to pull Maeve out. Except, the doors blasted open towards then, as Maeve rescued herself, ready to head out and find her daughter.


Deep in the wilds of the park, Maeve and company raced to catch with the column, only to find they were followed by the lab security. Hector said he'd stand while they escaped, but Lee refused to let him. It was, after all, his speech. And he gave it his all, only to be gunned down as he finished it.

It was worth waiting two seasons for.

Maeve finally caught up with the column as the Forge opening split the reality of the park. But before she could find her daughter, Charlotte arrived with the Clementine bomb the lab had created using Maeve's programming. Clementine, it turned out, had been programmed to make the hosts turn on each other and murder themselves rather than head into the rift.

And she was so strong, Maeve couldn't override her, or the hosts once they turned on each other. So she and her band raced to the Forge rift trying to get across.

They reached the valley rift just in time to see Maeve's daughter preparing to cross... but not with Maeve. Instead, she was holding the hand of the substitute mother, the host who had replaced Maeve after she went haywire. That was who Maeve's daughter believed to be her mother after all.


Maeve had a choice to make. She could grab her daughter's hand, pull her across and escape together. Or, she could turn, and use every bit of her powers to stop the feral horde of hosts racing towards the rift with murder in their minds, and allow her daughter, and the woman she believed to be her mother, cross in peace.

Maeve did what any true mother would do. She let her daughter escape with the woman she loved as her mother. She stood at the gate and held the hordes back as the final hosts raced through, including Akecheta, whose love was waiting on the other side.

She stood there and held the hordes at bay...until the security forces shot her down. Maeve lay there, dead in the dirt as the final hosts crossed over, as her daughter and her mother ran to her new life. She kept them safe, just as she promised.

Is that the end for Maeve? Will she be resurrected for Westworld Season 3? If this is the end of her character, she died for what she loved.