Here's What To Know About Khalid's Extremely Private Love Life

Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Over the past few years, fans have fallen in love with Khalid. His music isn't only catchy, but his onstage presence captivates audiences from around the world, and his sweet personality makes him all the more relatable. The singer, while climbing the charts and making his mark in the entertainment industry — like snagging six Grammy nominations in 2020 and wowing the crowd during his 2019 Billboard performance of "Talk" and "Better" — remains pretty private about a lot of things, leading fans to long for information about him, especially personal info. Like, is Khalid single? Here's the scoop.

Khalid has all the qualities to make a perfect boyfriend: He's handsome, talented, kind, and appears to be super close with his family, even crediting his mom for his passion for music. "I feel like growing up with my mom was the foundation of my (interest in music)," he told USA Today in March of 2017. "In my home, we listened to music all the time. I was raised through music, and I’ve been interested in it since I was three. I’ve been singing since I could talk correctly."

Since being thrust into the spotlight in 2017 after the success of his song "Young Dumb & Broke," which charted in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 list, Khalid hasn't been linked to anyone publicly.

In March 2017, he opened up about going through a tough breakup. "I had to break-up with my girlfriend of four years when I moved and suddenly all of the friends I had made in New York weren’t there anymore," he told Teen Vogue of uprooting his life in Carthage, New York, to move to El Paso, Texas, his senior year of high school.

Many fans linked Khalid to Fifth Harmony superstar Normani in 2017 after she appeared in his "Young Dumb & Broke" music video. Khalid was quick to set the record straight, revealing they're just close friends. "Every time we’re around each other we always have so much fun," he told MTV in August 2017. "She’s such a cool girl, she’s so nice, and she’s such a sweetheart."

Shortly after, they collabed on their 2018 track "Love Lies" and had a super steamy performance at the Billboard awards, furthering the speculation there was something romantic going on.

Still, there's been very little outside of Khalid and Normani's collabs to suggest they're romantically linked.

Khalid hasn't been linked to anyone else. In fact, his Instagram these days is mostly self-promotion pics and videos, so, unless he's in a super secret relationship behind the scenes, it's safe to assume Khalid is single.