Is Kevin still brainwashed on 'Riverdale'?

'Riverdale' Fans Are All Wondering The Same Thing About Kevin & The Farm

by Dylan Kickham

Although Season 4 of Riverdale technically kicked off with Oct. 9's Luke Perry tribute, the actual story of the brand new season did not really begin until Episode 2. With the kids back in school for their senior year, the Oct. 16 episode introduced some new drama that further explored all of those cliffhangers the Season 3 finale left fans with. One of the biggest questions from the new episode involves Kevin Keller's current state of mind. Is Kevin still brainwashed on Riverdale, or could he be telling the truth about really wanting to help Betty? It's a question that could lead to a massive twist very soon.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Riverdale Season 4 Episode 2, "Fast Times at Riverdale High." While the rest of her friends were focusing on kicking off their senior year, Betty is still all about trying to save her mom and sister from The Farm. In the Season 3 finale, Edgar Evernever fled Riverdale with all his Farmies after Betty discovered that his cult was actually a organ-harvesting scheme. But luckily, Betty also met up with her long-lost half-brother Charles Smith, who revealed he is an FBI agent who's been secretly working with Alice to infiltrate The Farm.

The new episode revealed Betty teamed up with Charles on his investigation, as the two half-siblings search for The Farm now that Alice has alarmingly gone radio silent. Thankfully, Betty has a lead: Kevin. In Season 3, Kevin was a full-fledged Farmie with his boyfriend Fangs, but in the finale episode, Edgar left Kevin behind so that he could inform Betty and the gang that The Farm had officially left town. While looking through Charles' records in the Oct. 16 episode, Betty discovered Kevin was still in contact with Fangs, making him a perfect in for her to try to sniff out The Farm's new location.


Betty's grand plan to use Kevin to try to track down The Farm through Fangs led her to tell Kevin the full truth about how her mom is actually working undercover with the FBI to try to take The Farm down from the inside. A repentant-seeming Kevin said he would help Betty however he could, and was actually able to get Fangs to bring him to The Farm. When he returned, he told Betty and Charles that Edgar and the rest of the Farmies had taken up arms and were ready for a war.

Or... is that a lie? Although Kevin seems to have turned over a new leaf since being hypnotized by Edgar Evernever, fans should not count out the possibility that he is still working with The Farm. After all, Kevin was one of The Farm's most fiercely loyal members, and he was absolutely distraught when the cult abandoned him in the Season 3 finale. Could he have really gotten over his dedication so quickly?


While Kevin may be genuinely helping Betty and Charles take down The Farm, there is also a very real chance he is still in cahoots with the cult and is setting Betty up for an ambush. At this point, it's impossible to know for sure where Kevin's allegiances truly lie, so fans will just have to keep an eye on him as Season 4 continues.

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