You Truly Will Not Believe Giannina's Relationship Status After 'Love Is Blind'

by Candice Jalili

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the finale of Love Is Blind. Those of you who have finished Netflix's bonkers new reality show know might be wondering if Giannina Gibelli is still single after Love Is Blind. Things obviously took a turn for the worse for her and Damian Powers when he rejected her at the altar, but are they still talking? Is she dating someone new? What's going on with her love life?

While her Instagram doesn't really have any hints about whether or not she's in a relationship, the self proclaimed "soulpreneur" dropped some hints during a Feb. 27 interview with Esquire. The reporter asked what her love life is like today and if she's dating anybody new. "No new love interests, no," she responded. "Just the same one." While she didn't outright name Powers, I think it's safe to assume that's who she was referring to when talking about "the same one."

When asked if she and Powers are still in touch, she said, "Yeah, we are. We talk all the time." (As in, like... every day? About what to make for dinner and whose turn it is to buy new toilet paper?)

To be clear, the show filmed in November 2018. These two have had plenty of time to potentially patch up their relationship.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The reality star dropped one more significant hint that this relationship is still burning bright. When asked about her parents, Gibelli explained, "They really liked how they saw me with Damian, they read vibes just like I do, so they liked his energy, they were really just supportive and they still are to this day, which is amazing." Um, excuse me, what? They are "still" supportive of Damian? Hm.

Maybe I'm just reading into things, but I have a strong feeling these two are still together.

Despite the controversial reception of their relationship, Gibelli is "really happy" with how their dynamic looked on-screen. "I don't feel like it was portrayed in an unrealistic way," she I think it was exactly what it was, and I think so many people go through challenges or obstacles related to that, not exactly in the way that we did, but people can always identify with it. Like, hey, it's okay that we get into fights, it's okay if we don't agree on things, it’s just about how strong your love is. Overall I'm really happy with it."

Hopefully, the reunion episode will shed more light on this couple's current status.