This 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' Theory Could Change Everything For The Spellmans

by Ani Bundel

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina left dangling mysteries at the end of the first season for fans to ponder while they wait for Season 2. But no mystery is bigger than the one surrounding Sabrina's parents, who died so many years ago when she was a baby. While all the adults around her insist the plane crash that killed Edward and Diana Spellman was just a terrible accident, there have been clues all through the first season things are not as they appear. Is Edward Spellman alive? Warning; Spoilers for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 follow.

The first hints Edward and Diana are not as Sabrina's aunts and Father Blackwood claim come from Sabrina's vision of them during her 16th birthday. When faced with signing the Book of the Beast, Sabrina sees her parents holding her as a child. Diana mouths to her daughter to run.

But according to Father Blackwood, Edward willingly pledged Sabrina to the Dark Lord as a stipulation of his marriage to Diana. But Diana had Sabrina baptized in the Catholic Church the day before he did so, suggesting the two did not see eye-to-eye over their daughter's future.


But the real questions start arising when Sabrina travels into Purgatory on what becomes a failed quest to bring the soul of Harvey's brother back, so his reanimated body can live. While there, Sabrina sees the soul of her mother, calling out for the child stolen from her. But Sabrina was never taken from Diana, was she?

Perhaps this explains Sabrina's other vision in the woods where her father promised her away. In this vision, Sabrina saw two babies on the table, one which is her, and one with cloven feet. Could Sabrina have been a twin?

And then there's Zelda in the closing minutes of the finale, having stolen away Father Blackwood's daughter for fear her father might kill her for the crime of being born first. "We've done it before," she says to Hilda. Does she mean to raise a girl like Sabrina? Or steal away one half of a set of twins?


All of this is compounded by one plotline hanging over the show from the comics. While the show makes it sound like Edward Spellman was a reformist-minded warlock who would have reformed the Church of the Night into an open and equal society, in the comics, he's nothing of the sort. In fact, he's the main antagonist, who bewitched Diana into falling in love with him and eventually drove her mad. He's been alive the whole time and it is he who is pulling strings, not the Dark Lord.

Is the show planning on following this comic book revelation in the second season? The Riverdale series has wandered far away from the comic books since it first landed on TV. The chances of Sabrina staying more faithful to the source material is doubtful. But one thing is for sure. When it comes to Edward Spellman, nothing is what it seems.

Fans will have to wait to find out when Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2 arrives on Netflix in 2019.