Here Are All The Details On Dyson's Super Hyped Cord-Free Straightener

Courtesy of Dyson

You may feel as though everything under the sun has already been made, especially when it comes to new haircare products. But one brand has been hard at work on creating innovative new hair tools, and their new drop is for anyone looking for super sleek straight hair, minus the breakage. Dyson’s new Dyson Corrale Cord-Free Straightener promises half the damage as your old straighteners.

Using flexing plates and no air, the brand claims that the reduced amount of heat (50% less, claims Dyson) will keep hair healthier. The plates hold hair into place — so it can’t be snagged — to allow the user only one pass per section to achieve straight hair and cut styling time down. Meanwhile, the cordless tool, though heavier than a tool with a cord, offers more flexibility with your styling. “With Corrale, you don’t have to go over the hair multiple times, which is when heat damage happens,” London hairstylist Larry King told “You can use it at a lower temperature, and you should get the results you would do at a high temperature.

The Corrale Straightener ($500, Dyson) also only needs 70 minutes to fully recharge and provides up to 30 minutes of cord-free styling, but if you need more than 30 minutes, there’s a charging cable for that. Its charging dock even includes the all-new Dyson “note,” which notifies users when the straightener has reached its desired temperature. For differing hair types, the straightener has three heat settings, 330, 365, and 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

Courtesy of Dyson

Dyson has been on a mission to get rid of heat damage in their hair tools. In 2016, the brand launched the Supersonic Hairdryer that promised quickly blown-out hair with less damage. Then, in 2018, Dyson did it again with the Airwrap Styler, which focused on using air instead of heat for luscious curls. Seven years in the making, the new Corrale Straightener has the entire beauty industry and consumers talking. But with innovation comes expense, and the new straightener will set you back $500. Is the hefty price tag worth it?

The Corrale Straightener is definitely pricey, but it’s also an investment in healthier hair and styling efficiency. So if you’re a serial hair straightener and worried about long-term damage, this may be a tool worth saving up for. Dyson also uses a payment plan system called Affirm to help those that qualify to pay off the price of the tool over a period of time. You can get it now at