This Theory About Dr. Vincent On 'AHS: Cult' Just Got Confirmed & We're Screaming

by Dylan Kickham

The pieces of American Horror Story: Cult are finally starting to come together, and we finally know what the hell is up with Ally's suspicious therapist Dr. Rudy Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson). Viewers have been wondering about Dr. Vincent for a while now, but Tuesday night's new episode of AHS: Cult let us know how he's connected to the cult at the center of the season. So what's Dr. Vincent's role in the cult on American Horror Story? Well, let's just say he has a pretty strong connection with the people running it.

Spoiler alert: This post will discuss details revealed in Episode 5 of American Horror Story: Cult, "Holes." In the new episode, we finally get to learn about Kai Anderson's (Evan Peters) backstory, which was... really unsettling. It turns out, Kai had a scary abusive father who constantly tormented both him and his mother. It was so bad, that it drove his mom to shoot his dad and then herself in a murder-suicide. So yeah, that was one royally effed-up part of Kai's backstory, but it was only just getting started — enter, Dr. Rudy Vincent!

Unable to deal with his parents' gruesome death, Kai calls up Dr. Vincent, who we discover is actually Kai's older brother (I guess he changed his last name at some point?). The part that is most telling of all is that it's Rudy who takes control of the situation and formulates the plan to douse his parents' corpses in lye and keep the bodies laying in the bedroom like some macabre museum rather than risk being caught burying them. The bizarre plan even shakes Kai, which is the first time we've seen Kai uncomfortable with an act of twisted violence.

Though this is the only time we've seen Rudy interacting with Kai in the series so far, it really seems to confirm a number of fan theories about Cheyenne Jackson's mysterious therapist. Many viewers have suspected Rudy wasn't as helpful as he seemed from early on, and some even went so far as to suggest that he may be the one secretly running the cult behind closed doors, while Kai serves as the face of the organization. And honestly, after that scene between the two brothers... I feel like that theory makes a lot more sense.

It really all adds up when you think about it. Dr. Vincent never really seems to be helping Ally in their sessions... it actually feels a lot more like he's bolstering her fears that she's imagining all of the horrific things happening to her. And then there was that really telling scene where we see him move around some buttons that look a lot like the smiley face marks the killer clowns leave at the scene of their murders.


On top of that, it just makes sense that he would be in with the cult. After all, thanks to his profession, he has an intimate knowledge of everyone's deepest fears in town. Remember when we saw him talking with the couple scared of coffins in a session... right before they went home to be stuffed into coffins by the clowns waiting for them? And just from a practical standpoint, he's the only major character we know that hasn't been revealed to be in the cult yet (aside from seemingly obvious outsiders Ally and Oz), so it feels like it's only a matter of time for that reveal.

Add the fact that we now know he's Kai and Winter's big bro, and there's a massive amount of suspicion pointed right at Rudy. And judging by the way Rudy acted in that flashback with Kai... I'd say he might even have more power in the cult than Kai does. I guess we'll find out if I'm right or not soon enough.