Is David Dobrik Dating Charlotte D'Alessio? He Addressed The Rumors

David Dobrik Finally Addressed Those Rumors He's Dating Charlotte D'Alessio


David Dobrik has fans in a frenzy, once again. This time, it's not about one of his outrageous pranks or Tesla car giveaways. Instead, his followers are swooning over him possibly having a new girlfriend. On Oct. 2, the YouTuber debuted a commercial for his new perfume (which is literally called "David's Perfume"), starring 22-year-old model Charlotte D'Alessio alongside him. Throughout the clip, the pair got super cozy, so naturally, fans thought something was up between them. If you're also wondering if David Dobrik is dating Charlotte D'Alessio, wait until you hear his response to the rumors.

Before I get to what he said, let's backtrack to this perfume ad, because it has couple goals written all over it. The clip begins with Dobrik and D'Alessio going for a romantic drive before it transitions into the YouTube star adorably filming his on-screen partner as she flashes a flirty smile at him. The pair then do a bunch of coupley activities like brushing their teeth together, riding bikes, running across fields, and sharing milkshakes at a diner. Not to mention, there are a few times when the pair look like they're about to kiss. Fans couldn't get over their obvious chemistry and were convinced the ad was a girlfriend reveal.


"so did david dobrik just do a girlfriend reveal or was the ad for his new perfume just REALLYYYYY good acting??????" another wrote.

Watch Dobrik's perfume commercial for yourself below.

Dobrik couldn't help but gush over D'Alessio when talking about the ad. "Charlotte is the best. I can't tell you how amazing she is," he told Access in an Oct. 5 interview. "The second I thought of a perfume, I thought of Charlotte."

However, Dobrik confirmed they're just friends. "We made this video for this perfume. It was basically like we were on a date," he said. "She was so professional."

"No, we’re not dating. I’m still single," he added.

Watch Dobrik talk about D'Alessio near the 5:50 mark in the video below.

There you have it, everyone. Dobrik doesn't have a girlfriend, after all.