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Is Chris Mazdzer Single? The Olympic Luger Has Fans Swooning


The Olympics has brought a lot of important things to the forefront — the first U.S. woman successfully landed a triple axel at the games, lots of medals for team USA, and a few new celebrity boyfriends to swoon over. Chris Mazdzer has become the internet's newest crush, and we can't help but swoon over this Olympic luger. One question that has been popping up about everyone's new favorite athlete — Is Chris Mazdzer single? You know, the important stuff. The athlete is reportedly in a relationship, and his girlfriend is so, so supportive.

Mazdzer didn't become a household name because of his great smile, he luged right in with a victory in PyeongChang. He secured his place in Olympic history on Feb. 11 by becoming the first American man to ever medal in the single luge, according to NPR.

Mazdzer was beat out by Austrian luger David Gleirscher, who won the gold because of a reported two-hundredths of a second. This is why the Olympics are amazing to watch — the competition is so fierce. The U.S. Olympian credited hard work for his win and told NBC,

His main tactic while racing is to, "have fun and throw down." I seriously love him. He won a silver in the single luge, but definitely takes home the gold in our books.

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Unfortunately for anyone dreaming about bumping into Mazdzer unexpectedly and falling madly in love, he already has a girlfriend and they look very into each other.

According to her Instagram page, her name is Mara Marian. The description on her social media account says, "Romanian-born Supreme." The brown-haired beauty also seems super supportive of her Olympian beau, and isn't afraid to gush a bit. In a recent selfie she posted after his victory she said,

She raved about his performance and the outpouring of support in another photo caption on Feb. 12 by saying,

They seem like a great couple, but Mazdzer did open up to Us Weekly about the struggles that come along with being in a long-distance relationship. He told the publication in September,

Mazdzer went in-depth about the challenges that arise from his impossibly busy schedule. He continued,

It's not all bad — the long-distance thing takes their relationship around the world and to unexpected places. He explained,

Although he may be taken, Mazdzer is still a badass athlete who is scoring medals at the Olympic Games. Keep luging with the best of them, Chris.

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