Instagram's New Music Feature Lets You Reply To Questions With Your Favorite Songs

Instagram has been upping its music game lately, and it's safe to say that the days of posting screenshots of your favorite tunes are long gone. Between sharing tracks from Spotify and using songs from Instagram's music library in your Stories, the app has gone above and beyond to help you introduce new music to your friends. On Dec. 18, the company announced another feature that'll help you share your favorite songs with the people you follow, and it's super useful. That's right: Instagram's new music reply for questions in Stories is here, and it'll help you recommend your favorite tracks with the press of a button.

Instagram announced its new music feature on Dec. 18 alongside other assets that include countdown stickers for Stories and question stickers for Live. Out of the bunch, I was automatically intrigued by the new music sticker — and I'll tell you why. Instagram's musical version of its questions sticker lets users ask their followers for song recommendations. Then, users can reply to the question by searching through Instagram's music library and choosing a track.

In other words, the new feature makes it possible to share music directly with the person who's seeking new tunes.

So, how do you do it? If you know how to use Instagram's questions sticker, the process is simple. Why? Because the new music sticker is just a different version of the OG questions sticker that you know and love. In order to access it, take a photo or video in your Story camera, and hit the stickers icon to the right of your screen (it looks like a little square with a smiley face on it). Then, locate the questions sticker.

Once you've added the questions sticker to your Story, you should see two small circles underneath it. One should say "Aa" (the normal "questions" option), and the other should have a music note on it. Click the circle with the music note on it, because that'll transform the original questions sticker into the musical one. After you press the music note, the text inside the questions box should say, "What song are you listening to right now?" You can change that to whatever you'd like — whether you're searching for an upbeat track or a mellow tune for a peaceful night in.


After you ask your question in pursuit of new songs, let the recommendations roll in. As your followers choose tracks from the Instagram music library, you'll see their responses in the viewer's list. At that moment, you can scroll through the tracks and play each song as you go. If you find one that you like, you can share it straight to your Story. When you get to that point, you'll be able to take a picture or a video while your chosen track plays in the background of your footage. Pretty cool, right?

Now that you know how to use Instagram's new music reply feature, you're probably excited to try it (I know I am). However, you might not have access to the sticker yet. According to Instagram, the new option began rolling out to iOS and Android users on Dec. 18. — and if it hasn't loaded onto your phone yet, it probably will soon. In the meantime, get your music library ready for all of the song recommendations you're about to receive.