Instagram is testing Direct Messages for the web, so you can DM from your desktop

You Can Finally Slide Into DMs From Your Desktop With IG’s Latest Test Feature

by Collette Reitz
Courtesy of Instagram

Instagram has heard the pleas from frustrated users unable to DM the group chat from their desktop. Anyone who is tied to their computer all day will be thrilled to hear Instagram is finally testing Direct messages for desktop. Now, when you're browsing IG on your laptop, you can still keep up with all your DMs.

The company announced the test on Tuesday, Jan. 14, and it's starting with a small percentage of the global Instagram community. So, if you don't see the option when using IG on the web from your computer or your laptop just yet, you may have to hold out a little longer. You can expect an interface similar to the Direct Messenger you use on the mobile app.

When using Instagram Direct on the web, you can see your entire inbox and create new messages and group chats. You can also see how many unread messages you have by looking at the paper airplane-looking icon at the top right of your screen. The messages will function pretty much the same as you're used to using them on your phone. So, if your phone is out of reach and you want to get caught up with your group chats (or slide into some DMs), you can do it right from your desktop.

Courtesy of Instagram

When it comes to messaging on the web, you can even send photos from your computer. You can't capture a photo with your computer camera within the actual message like you would on your phone, but you can take one and save it your desktop and send that way. A double-click on a message will still "like" it within your chat, leaving a little heart below the liked message.

You can also DM in response to Stories when using messages on the web. If the person who posted the Story has settings that allow for message responses, you can click where it says "Send Message." From there, you can respond with the "Quick Reactions" emoji responses or type out an actual message — and it will all be recorded in your Direct inbox.


Finally, you can message someone directly from their profile page and share posts from your Feed with Direct messages on desktop.

Of course, all of these are test-phase features, so they may change when, and if, a wide release happens. There's no word yet on when DMs for desktop will be available to all users as an official release, but I'd keep your eyes peeled.