If You've Got Champagne Taste But Are On A Beer Budget, You'll Love These 37 Under-$10 Finds On Amazon

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I was about 13-years old when I first picked up a copy of Vogue. I was enchanted by the impossibly beautiful, intricate (and sometimes zany) get-ups spread across each glossy page. Then I saw the fine print in the corner, just under a pair of Prada heels, and it was the price of those Prada heels: $12,000. No way I was ever going to be able to spend that kind of cash on shoes. (I was right.) So if you — like me — have champagne taste but are on a beer budget, you're going to love these 37 under-$10 finds on Amazon.

The items on this list run the gamut, but you are going to find some recurring themes —like cosmetics, kitchen gadgets, and self-care products. I wanted to include a good number of items from these categories because they tend to be the kinds of things you want to spend money on... but you know probably shouldn't. In other words, it can be hard to justify spending $40 on blush or $25 on yoga mat mist when you know you should actually be spending that money on an oil change. (Ugh. Necessities are so boring.)

So if you're ready to live how the other half lives — without going into the red — click through for some fabulous finds — all for under $10.

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