If You're Basic & Proud, You'll Love These 40 Amazon Products That Make Life Easier

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It's a Friday night and you're all cozied up on the couch, outfitted in sweats and Uggs, ready to power through old episodes of Friends and Sex and the City when it occurs to you — why does pumpkin spice season only come but once a year? It should be a year-round thing! The cold, hard fact that it's not is one of the many aspects of life that makes being basic hard. That's why I've set out to make this list of Amazon products that make life easier for the basic in all of us.

Now, being basic has been used by some people as, well, a disparaging descriptor. In fact, many people adamantly deny their own basic status, to which I say — really?! What's so bad about liking yoga? Or brunch? Or smoothies? Or avocado toast? Or pumpkin spice season? Or rose gold anything? Exactly. All of those things can vastly improve your quality of life. (And, newsflash — there's nothing inherently better or worse about spending your Saturdays digging through old bins of obscure vinyl records or dancing to Ariana Grande.)

So, I say — fly your basic flag high. And check out these products that will officially solidify your place in the ranks of the basic.

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