If You Don't Enjoy "Hooking Up," You're Probably One Of These 3 Zodiac Signs

by Ginny Hogan

How do you feel about hookup culture? Some people think it's an absolute blast — meeting people all the time and experiencing new things. Sounds like fun! But some people would rather connect in a different way, so they might say they don't enjoy "hooking up." Both are completely valid — it's just a matter of finding what works for you.

The New York Times describes hookup culture as engaging in sexual activities with multiple people, some of whom you might not know well. If you don't find just "hooking up" super appealing, your zodiac might be able to tell you why.

Astrology can be a fun way to get more insight into your desires, but it doesn't predict the future. Only you know if you like hooking up with multiple people, and even if you're not one of the signs below, that doesn't mean you have to enjoy hookup culture. Similarly, you might be one of these zodiac signs and also love hooking up, and that's totally fine — as long as the people you're hooking up with are on board!

I know personally, I've both enjoyed and despised hookup culture at various points in my life (for example, in college there was a 24-hour fro-yo place, and that enhanced any late-night activity). Still, it's always interesting to know how astrology plays into my preferences at different times, and I wanted to bring these insights to you.

Read on to find out if you're one of the three zodiac signs that might not love a quick hookup.

Virgo (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22): A Consistent Catch

Virgo tends to want consistency, so participating in hookup culture might not be their first choice. “Virgo prefers quality over quantity, so hookup culture isn’t really its thing,” producer and host of the OrBits podcast Julia Schachter tells Elite Daily. “Routine is the lifeblood of Virgo, so if it approves of someone enough to hook up with them once, it expects that to recur in a manner that is both consistent and reliable (though not necessarily romantic).” That’s not to say that being part of hookup culture means you can’t find consistency, it just means that you tend to seek out new people a bit more often, and Virgo may prefer to come back to somebody with whom they're already familiar.

Cancer (June 21 — July 22): Protective & Sensitive

Cancer is a romantic lover, but this same romantic instinct towards partners might make Cancer avoid hookup culture. “Cancer may do casual hookups, but not without putting up some serious internal walls,” Schacter says. “The astrological symbol for Cancer is the crab, and for good reason. Hookup culture isn’t an environment in which Cancer will feel safe enough to fully express itself, or to exist as vulnerable.” Of course, hookup culture is safe as long as all parties involved have communicated what they’re doing and are acting with consent, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. For Cancer, hookup culture might make them more vulnerable than they’d like, and so it’s not necessarily their preferred mode.

Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22): A Big Heart

Leo could be likely to participate in hookup culture without fully enjoying it. “Leo is known for, amongst other things, its big heart,” Schachter says. “However, in the realm of casual hookups, there’s this denial, almost a willful ignorance. Leo will participate, but coming from a (sometimes subconscious) place of ‘This time, [person] will recognize how special I am, so it won’t stay a casual thing.’” However, just because you are a Leo and you’re participating in hookup culture, it doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy it. Everyone is different, but the information we can glean from Leo’s star chart suggests they might prefer a more serious relationship to participating in hookup culture. “The signs that crave either consistency or a strong foundation are the most likely to dislike hookup culture,” Schachter says, and Leo is one of these signs. So for Leo, seeking out a relationship with a very stable foundation could be what makes them the most satisfied.

Hooking up can be a lot of fun for some people — you get to try new things and meet a bunch of new people. However, just because you’re not a fan doesn’t mean you don’t like meeting new people or exploration. If your stars (or your heart, or your brain, or your Game of Thrones addiction) are pointing you away from hooking up, rest assured that there are tons of other ways to connect with people physically and romantically!