If You're Struggling With These 12 Dating Problems, You're Not Alone At All

As wonderful and magical and exciting as dating can be, it can also be, well, kind of a major pain. But, even the worst dating struggles come with one gleaming silver lining: You're not alone. Anyone who's ever listened to any song about any sort of heartbreak (AKA everyone) knows that experiencing the pitfalls of dating is a normal part of being human. And there's something insanely comforting about that, right? I like to think so. In a recent Reddit AskWomen tread, ladies shared the common dating problems they struggle with and, trust me, you'll relate.

It's hard meeting someone you're actually excited about.
Finding a person I would like to meet... Everybody is either meh or just trying to hook up


Letting your guard down can be challenging.
I’m afraid to let my guard down, and afraid that someone will actually like me.


Placing trust in a new person can be exhausting.
Wanting a relationship but not being ready to put my trust and effort into a whole new person. A relationship would be cool but I think some good friends are all I can really handle right now.


Finding someone who wants the same thing as you can feel impossible at times.
I feel like what I want isn't what anyone else wants. I'm not interested in a hookup, and I don't believe in soulmates. I'd just like a boyfriend, someone to slowly grow to trust and get naked with, a companion where there's mutual liking.


Sometimes it feels like just wanting a relationship isn't enough.
Being single is not easy. I would love to be in a relationship, but it's not enough to just want it...I don't click with most people that I meet unfortunately, and I'm attracted to even fewer. I'm in NYC, so you'd think it would be super easy, but it's not. I'm sure a significant part of the problem is me and my approach (or lack there of since I'm not really putting myself out there at the moment). Ugh :(


Getting strung along is the worst feeling ever.
Finding someone who I like and who genuinely wants an exclusive and committed relationship, and being vulnerable with them.
I recently fell for someone who I connected with really well and he seemed like he wanted a serious relationship, but I found out that he was stringing me along for a casual relationship at his convenience. Still have feelings for him but I’m learning to move on


Entering your first real relationship can be intimidating.
I think theres a bit of fear within me when it comes to dating because I have never had a boyfriend and I'm almost 30. So when I do meet someone (rare btw) I make excuses and push them away because I don't trust them and I don't want to get hurt.


It's hard to find someone whose values align with yours completely.
Finding someone who has both the spirituality aspect and the other stuff. I usually find the perfect man only to find he lacks the spirituality I need and want in someone, or the other way around. :\ I refuse to settle for someone because they're "perfect" for me on paper but we lack any chemistry.


The only thing worse than being ghosted? Being zombied.
I was dating a guy for over a year with no title. He got upset over a question I asked him, basically told me off and he ignored me for 4 months. He text me yesterday and I haven’t responded. I liked him soooo much, I stressed constantly over his inconsistency and lack of commitment. I think about him everyday and it’s been hard to let that go. I’m annoyed that he text me.


Even if you're in a relationship, it's hard to know whether your partner is the real deal.
My SO and I are currently talking about moving in together. He suggested it, but all of the sudden is hesitant. I understand the hesitation, because neither of us have ever lived with a partner before, but I worry that our relationship has an expiration date and I want to live with him before that.


It's difficult to determine if your date is the real deal.
I can never tell if someone is genuine or not. I've been burnt in the past by flakey dudes so who seem interested, then disappear. I'm sure some guys do mean what they say but I feel like I can't trust anyone anymore because I'm so jaded.


Falling in love with your best friend is always stressful.
I think I like my bff. He just got out of a relationship and was acting flirty for a month after. I'm scared that it will ruin our friendship if I pursue this.


See? I told you you're not alone.

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