11 People Reveal Reasons They Avoided Bad Second Dates & They're Jaw-Dropping

by Candice Jalili

Hang tight, people, as a I paint a little picture. You go on an amazing date. Everything seems to be going splendidly between the two of you. Halfway through the date you're already thinking this person very well could be "The One." OK, maybe not "The One" but, at the very least, someone you could go on another date. The date finally ends and you try to set up a second date but, much to your surprise, you get denied. You have no idea why your date said no to a second date.

Well, instead of racking your brain for answers, turn here. In a Twitter thread on Oct. 23, user Olivia A. Cole wrote, "What are reasons you never went on a second date? One time this guy took me on a date and he drove with his chin on the steering wheel and I figured that’s something only a lunatic does." After sharing her own reason for declining a second date, people all over Twitter came forward with their own reasons for declining second dates in the past. Read along and get a better idea for why you might have been rejected for that second date offer. Or, hey, at the very least, maybe you'll just have a good laugh.

He spent their first date resting his chin on the steering wheel.
He decided to give the word "Twix" his own unique new pronunciation.
He scared her so much that she wound up having a panic attack.
She insulted her wheelchair.
He complained about never having had the opportunity to try heroin.
She told him the only reason she pursued the first date was to give him a makeover.
He didn't understand how rain was at all necessary.
He told her he was rethinking going to a prestigious university to be with her... after only having met twice.
He didn't understand why she'd bother with higher education.
He stumbled in drunk after his DUI court appearance.
He took her to a Chinese buffet where he only ate his roast beef with a spoon.

OK, so, maybe you didn't drive with your chin on the steering wheel or insinuate that your date's wheelchair was holding them back or try to eat roast beef with a spoon. Well, for starters, why don't you give yourself a pat on the back for not doing any of the above things?

Now that you've done that, let me give you some advice. It's a bummer this person doesn't want to go on a second date as much as you do. But maybe it's for the best! After all, would you really want to be with someone who doesn't want you back?

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