3 Fan Theories About Arizona Leaving 'Grey's Anatomy' That Will Make You Want To Cry

No one but Meredith Grey is ever safe on Grey's Anatomy, and the show shocked fans recently when it announced that both Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew would exit the long-running series when Season 14 ends this spring. The sudden news sent fans reeling to determine possible ways in which their longtime characters Arizona and April would be written out of the show. Viewers hope that there will be separate reasons for their departures rather than a freak fire, car accident, shooting, or other devastatingly tragic event that eliminates both of them, but like I said, nobody is safe in Shondaland. So, with my fingers crossed for a relatively peaceful exit in store, how will Arizona leave Grey's Anatomy?

With both the improbable and the realistic possibilities in mind, fans have crafted some fairly believable theories about Arizona's reason for leaving Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Compared to guesses about the spiraling April's fate, most predictions about Arizona end quite happily, which is great news for fans. Of course, even if Arizona leaves Seattle for the best reasons, watching it play out will be heartbreaking no matter what. We took a look at the three top fan theories about Arizona leaving Grey's Anatomy, and I already feel like crying.

Arizona Dies In A Drunk Driving Accident With April

April has had a rough time this season, turning to alcohol amidst her fading faith in God. Cosmopolitan points out that there have been hints of April going to rehab in the future, but fans have also wondered if her heavy drinking could contribute to a deathly accident. At this point, many people believe that April will die while Arizona moves away, but there could be an awful connection between the two as their departures approach.

Given Arizona witnessing April partying hard with the interns, some people believe that the two's complicated relationship could lead to Arizona failing in trying to help April recover. AKA, the two could end up in a drunk driving accident together and both women die as a result.

Clearly the most morbid of theories involving Arizona, this guess is definitely likely, but here's hoping that the writers don't go that far in getting rid of the characters.

She Moves Somewhere For Her Research Project

Earlier in Season 14, Arizona was greatly affected by the patient Karin dying from preeclampsia, dedicating herself to finding a solution to the maternal mortality rate in the United States. A growing theory among fans is that she wins her research contest and, as a result, both she and Carina are required to move somewhere to continue their work. It's a simple, tidy ending for the character that also leaves room open for any possible guest visits from Capshaw in the future. The theory may not be juicy, but it's totally realistic, which is more than we can say for reasons behind some other characters' exits.

Arizona Moves To New York To Be Near Her Daughter

We already know that Arizona and Callie's daughter Sofia has moved back to Seattle after living in New York with Callie, but now that Arizona's time on the show is running out, a sudden plot twist may be in store. Arizona could have a change of heart and decide to move to New York to make things easier for herself and her daughter. Writing out Arizona this way would allow for a wrap on the character's ongoing storyline of dealing with long-distance motherhood, and it would be a surprisingly lighthearted character exit for Grey's Anatomy. There's even the possibility that Arizona's research work ties into her staying in New York, so she could walk away with the best of both worlds.

It's unclear if we have to wait until the season finale to learn of Arizona's fate, but the Grey's Anatomy team sure does love characters experiencing life-changing moments as a heartfelt song plays them out of the season.

Grey's Anatomy returns on Thursday, March 22, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.