Venus Will Oppose Pluto On July 20 & Here's How It Will Affect Your Love Life

by Valerie Mesa

Venus will dazzle her way into Cancer on July 3, and this will naturally affect your desires, relationships, and values. However, once Venus makes contact with Pluto on July 20, the intensity will go up a notch. So knowing how Venus in Cancer's opposition to Pluto will affect your relationship depends on where the Cancer-Capricorn axis is located via your birth chart and where both Venus and Pluto are aspected amongst the rest of the planets. Like it or not, there's really no escaping this smoldering transit.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and pleasure, governing everything from your spending habits and values to your relationships and overall seduction style. But what happens when the planet of sugar, spice, and everything nice travels through a hypersensitive sign like Cancer? Venus thrives when in the sign of Cancer, as this cardinal sign is both warm-hearted and nurturing with others. Venus has no trouble whatsoever expressing her affections, so don't be afraid to open your heart during this transit.

Pluto, on the other hand, is a completely different animal. Though you probably recognize him as the cosmos' very own grim reaper, Pluto's power goes way beyond his cosmic duty as Lord of the Underworld. This malefic planet governs all things related to death, karma, sex, taboo, toxicity, transformation, and most importantly, everything hidden beneath the surface. There are no secrets allowed when Pluto's around, and in Capricorn, Pluto will stop at nothing to expose the things lacking honesty, ethic, and integrity. This is especially true for those who have misused their power and authority.

So here's what you can expect:

Venus In Cancer Opposes Pluto In Capricorn

On July 20, luscious Venus will be sitting close to the north node in intuitive Cancer, directly opposing Pluto in Capricorn alongside Saturn and the South Node. Whenever I think about Venus-Pluto transits, I always remember The Phantom of The Opera. The phantom's mystifying fascination with Cristine perfectly epitomizes Venus and Pluto — Venus is completely mesmerized by Pluto's hypnotic intensity and it's not hard for Pluto to become utterly obsessed in return.

In the case of Cancer and Capricorn, however, and the nodes of fate in the mix, the cosmos will be asking you to dig deep and look inward in order to uncover the emotional wounds existing within your current relationships. The north node is a compass and it's guiding you towards Cancer, which means the only way out is through. Cancer is a water sign and its cardinal water is also incredibly karmic.

In the midst of all this, you're also releasing and restructuring previously-set structures and false hierarchies, such as toxic patriarchy. So this smoldering aspect might very well spark jealousy, power thrills, suspicion, and manipulation within your relationships. It's important to recognize where these insecurities are coming from. Are they wounds you've been carrying on behalf of your ancestors since your mother's womb? Are your current desires coming from a place of love? Or are you selfishly going out of your way to control your surroundings?

Pluto wants the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and Venus in Cancer is acting in response to her emotions. This energy could very well inspire compulsive behavior, toxic attractions, and secret love affairs, especially for those in committed partnerships. I never said this time was going to be easy, but in Elizabeth Gilbert's words: "Ruin is the road to transformation."