This McDonald's "Bling Mac" Ring Is The Only Thing I Want On My Wedding Day


In times of hunger (and most definitely in times of hangovers), McDonald's always comes through with some gloriously greasy fries, nugs', and, most importantly, Big Macs. But in honor of the upcoming Hallmark Holiday, our fave fast food haven is stepping up their game by bringing us the opportunity to win some amazing McDonald's bling. So forget wearing your heart on your sleeve, because wearing your burger on your finger is the new way to go. And if you're seriously looking into winning the "Bling Mac" ring with McDonalds' #BlingMacContest, here's how you can enter. It's actually so simple.

According to a press release, the Bling Mac is an 18K gold, stackable ring, with seven individual tiers of diamonds and gems. Each layer of the sandwich is represented by a different shiny gems, such as orange sapphires, which rep the sammy's signature Special Sauce... all I can say, is "I'm lovin' it."

The giant sandwich ring was designed by famed jewelry maker, Nadine Ghosn, and it's valued at freaking $12,500. It might actually be the most expensive (and extra) item I will ever breathe on, and I'm praying to the fast food heavens it'll soon be mine... all mine.

To win this gorgeous piece of burger-lovin' jewelry, fans will be required profess their love for any and all Mac sandwiches via Twitter, by writing "vows of love" to the world's greatest sandwich. The contest will officially launch on Feb. 7, and it'll run all the way through V-Day.

Even though Chandler and Monica made writing wedding vows seem really freaking hard, writing vows to the best burger ever kind of seems like a walk in the park. Just don't forget to hashtag #BlingMacContest and tag @McDonalds in each post, or else it won't be officially entered. And, most importantly, make sure that each individual vow of love is simultaneously hilarious and really damn romantic... because only the most creative posts will be considered as a potential winner, in the competition for the Bling Mac ring.

Aside from the Bling Mac, McDonald's is ringing in Valentine's Day with the major release of their new extensive Mac sandwich series. In addition to the Big Mac, they'll be unveiling the new Grand Big Mac, as well as the Mac Jr. For the first time in years, McDonald's is actually changing up their Mac game. If I'm being completely honest, I am so freaking excited for each Mac variation to finally grace my life.


The only downside of the new Mac sizes is that they'll only be available at participating restaurants for a limited time. Hopefully, they'll end up taking over the sandwich world — but for now, their availability will remain limited... so I'm snagging that little baby Mac Jr. fast.

If you're proposing to your boo this Valentine's Day, or if you're just trying to be the world's best partner, definitely make an effort to win McDonald's Bling Mac, because it's a serious game changer. With seven layers of gorgeous gems in the formation of a Big Mac sandwich, it's so extra and absolutely perfect. Like, if you're trying to impress me this Valentine's Day, please go win me one of these babies. And if you're not super into wearing a giant burger on your finger (which is honestly a little perplexing), don't forget to catch any of the new Mac sandwich sizes. Whether you're extra hungry or if you're just looking for a nibble, McDonald's' new Mac sizes are perfect for literally any level of hunger.

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