How To Meet Single People When It's Too Freezing To Leave The House

by Annie Foskett

After three years of threats to move to L.A. as soon as the temperatures fall below 30 degrees, I think I'm finally ready to take myself seriously. It's 28 degrees out in NYC today, but it feels like 10 to moi. Procuring my lunch from the tundra outside was enough to convince me that walking home from hot yoga later is a health hazard, so I don't have to go. (#Resolutions!) As a "washed" millennial who didn't cuff herself because I don't get it, I wonder if it's possible to meet single people in the winter when one lives in New York — or any other really, really cold place.

Being single is perfectly wonderful and acceptable, and you should totally rejoice in being single if you want to, but I, personally, would enjoy at least having the prospect of a cutie to flirt with in the next three months. Scientifically speaking, having two bodies in a bed makes for a warmer bed, so it might be nice to have at least one body around to cuddle me on weekend nights this season. But when it's cold out, I rarely (never) feel like bundling up to go to the bar, where I just end up putting my hat hair on full display. (Plus, I'm terrible at meeting people at bars anyways.)

So other than cruising Craigslist... you know, because murder, what's a woman to do? Lucky for me and you and all of the people, technology means that laissez-faire dating is in, and you can actually stay under your own blankets and flirt with single humans. (I know you less-washed millennials are up on all of the dating apps.) Here are a few ways you can meet a single person while keeping your lips from cracking and bleeding from the cold outside. (ALSO, L.A., I'M COMING FOR YOU!)

1. Order From The Dumpling Place With The Cute Delivery Person

Every. Single. Day. Just kidding, don't be a creep, but ordering services to your apartment definitely provides a low-key outlet for your pent-up desire to flirt. Let's be clear about a rule, though: I'm not encouraging you to invite strangers into your home. However, if your roommate is home, and the wine delivery person is the cutie from your local shop with whom you've interacted in the store a million times, maybe it's OK to invite them in for a glass? Or be extra safe and just spend an extra minute flirting at the door. Either way, the doorbell ring is an excuse to dress up without going outside.

2. Use Your Dating Apps

... Dummy! (Just kidding, I love you.) One more time, because of safety, I do not encourage inviting strangers over to your apartment, and I do encourage meeting in person first. That said, swiping like mad from your bed while it's cold means that maybe next week, when global warming gives us that random 50-degree day, you and that incredibly intelligent match can have drinks IRL, you know? Or maybe, if you match with a nice person on a snow day who lives in your neighborhood, you can both strap on some boots and trudge to your closest bar. Wait, actually, that sounds really adorable. Can that happen to me, please?

3. Invite Your Cute Neighbors Over

Recently, my roommate's sister visited and remarked, "Can we talk about Hot Neighbor Mike?" after our adorable (but coupled-up) neighbor assisted her with her luggage upstairs. My roommate and I have had a blast hanging with our neighbors on many occasions. So why not treat your apartment like a dorm and throw a fête complete with beer pong and Domino's? That said, I do not recommend sh*tting where you eat, so hope that maybe your Hot Neighbor Mike has a friend over?

4. Do Your Laundry

OK, I have to confess that my laundromat is dangerously close to my apartment, and that it has a bar in back, so it is actually a decent place to meet people without going far. But any neighborhood task will do: coffee, CVS, your local bodega, whatever. Try to be a little extra friendly and hold that nice-seeming person's eye contact a little bit longer while you both grab the last loaves of bread from the shelves, and who knows what could happen?

Let's be real: If you're not willing to leave the confines of your apartment, it's going to be easiest to meet a single person if you simply download one of 8 million dating apps, swipe, and put yourself out there by chatting with some cuties. Worst case scenario: You can always schedule a date for April when things should be at a not-deathly-freezing temperature.

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