These Are The Best Ways To Make Your Partner Feel Loved, According To Real Women

by Candice Jalili

When you've been in a relationship for a while, it's easy to take your partner for granted. You've been together for long enough that those initial butterflies have worn off, and your partner has just become one of those everyday parts of your life. Despite the fact that the only thing bringing about this level of comfort is a deeper sort of love than you were experiencing in those early stages, it's easy to forget the importance of making your partner feel loved all the time — not just in the honeymoon phase. In a recent Reddit thread, women share their pointers on how to make your partner feel loved by offering up firsthand examples of the ways their own partners made them feel loved and appreciated.

Read along and gain some inspiration.

Her partner randomly bursts into declarations of love.

whenever we're in the apartment and each doing our own thing, sometimes he'll just randomly yell "I LOVE YOU" across the apartment.


Her SO is a shoulder for her to lean on when she's feeling down.

He tells me that my problems are his problems and that we're in this thing together. He gives me a sense of safety and belonging I've never felt before.


Her partner keeps her life clutter-free for her.

Taking out the trash and doing the dishes.
The dirty clutter makes me feel boxed in.
He also randomly buys me stuff that he thinks I'll like and use. I made pho the other day and he bought me 2 giant containers of special cinnamon that was really highly rated for pho I guess? IDK, it was sweet though.


He puts an effort into making her feel heard.

He remembers to say thank you and he apologizes when needed. He really tries to understand me and look at things from my perspective. Random hugs and kisses and smacks on my butt. When he puts his arms around me in his sleep and pulls me closer. He always asks if I need something from the grocery store.


Her partner does small things to make her life easier.

This morning he scraped my windows without me even knowing. He didn't even say anything about it when he said goodbye which just shows to me that he did it out of love and not a vie for appreciation.


He texts her as soon as he wakes up.

He texts me when he wakes up in the morning. He sometimes gets me little things when he's out shopping, like candy or something I've been wanting. We live 50 miles apart and only see each other on weekends, so he'll let me know when he misses me.


He comforts her when she's feeling insecure.

He’s very reassuring and patient with me when my anxiety is making me cry about stupid things.
We set our alarms about a half hour early to make sure we have time to cuddle before work.
He lives about 30 mins away, so we switch days on spending the night at each other’s place. It always means a lot to me that he comes to stay at my place, because we have two cats which he’s allergic to, and I have a tiny twin sized bed that we have to share.


Her partner uses his time off to pick up the slack around the house.

He's not working right now because he's about to go back to school, but he's been so sweet and helpful around the apartment. He does the laundry, the cleaning, the cooking, drives me to work and picks me up. Usually we divide the chores evenly, and will again in two weeks when he goes back. But having him be so willing to help as much as he while he can has been so nice.
He says the sweetest things all the time, and cuddles me while we watch TV. He kisses and hugs me and is always so grateful anytime I do anything for him.


He's never too busy to answer her call.

He always makes a point to answer all my calls if at all possible, in case I need something. He offers to cancel plans and stay home with me if I don’t feel like going. He learned the ins and outs of my job, even though I’m sure it’s boring for him to listen to it sometimes.


Her SO spontaneously kisses her forehead.

He does this thing sometimes where out of nowhere he grabs my head with both hands and gives the most GENTLE kiss on my forehead and goes back to doing what he was doing. He started doing it to be goofy but it seriously makes me swoon.
He also makes sure to tell me regularly that he appreciates me and always thanks me for things like making dinner, doing laundry, etc. It's small but just a "thank you" means a lot.


This woman's partner goes with her to concerts, even if he doesn't like the band.

He comes with me to all the gigs I want to go to, even though sometimes he's not keen on the band. He knows how much I love going to shows, and I like company.


Her partner takes care of all the little things for her.

He puts my phone on charge and gets me a glass of water while I'm washing my face and getting ready for bed.
I mean, a bunch of other things as well but I just find it so thoughtful even though those are such small things I could easily do myself.


OK, now it's time to use these pointers to go show everyone you love just how much you love them.

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