11 Women Reveal The Little Ways They Keep Their Long-Term Relationship Exciting
by Candice Jalili

Even the most thrilling, absolutely electrifying, out-of-this-world, whirlwind romances eventually hit a lull as time goes on. So, yeah, long-term relationships are definitely bound to be, well, a little boring. But is there a way to combat that? A recent Reddit AskWomen thread asked ladies for tips on how to keep a relationship exciting and, trust me, they've got some major words of wisdom to share. Read along and prepare to reignite that sizzling flame!

Visit new places and take trips. Try new restaurants and bars. Learn something new together. Build forts with wine and old movies. Cook with each other. Just make things fun. Also..experiment in the bedroom.


Avoid routine.
Always do new things. Routine is an excitement killer.


Try new restaurants in new places.
Our thing this year is venturing out to new restaurants on the weekends. Now that summer is coming on we have plans to get takeout for picnics at the park.


Date exciting people.
Somehow, and I mean this in both good ways and bad, I’ve never managed to date a boring person.
My current SO has an incredibly dynamic and creative mind. She’s also quite intense, so it’s never a dull moment.


Never stop trying new things.
We try new things all the time. Food, places, activities, festivals, wineries, road trips, etc.


Get excited about the lack of excitement.
I get excited that we’ve been together long enough that sometimes it’s not exciting? If that fails, think of something new for both of you and try it out together, (and no, I don’t mean sexual things). A new activity, game, volunteering, etc.


Sometimes it's OK to just embrace the boredom.
other than the suggestions to try new things and date, it might be worth embracing lack of excitement. i'm not saying to grow content with something that kills you inside, but personally i think we're led astray when we're made to believe that a very LTR/marriage should be just as ''exciting'' as something shorter term and well... not really. some degree of ''boredom'' is what you sign up for when you stay with a person for the long haul, it's just a matter of if it's the normal kind of boredom (which waxes and wanes and is still more comfortable than boring) or the type that kills your soul.


Spend quality time with one another.
Have our Us Time with no kids. Flirt. Play pranks on each other.


Engage in fun activities together.
Do fun things together! The easiest way to make a relationship stagnate is to just sit there doing nothing all the time. So we go to concerts, conventions, parks, and sometimes we just drive around until we find something interesting.


Get out of your comfort zone.
Make room for date nights. Go see places you've not seen together before. Go do activities you've never done (together or as individuals). Try things together that are maybe outside your collective comfort zone. Try new restaurants.


Find a new hobby to share.
We found a new hobby that we’re both crazy about and now most of our dates are just doing the hobby. We’re having a blast.


If you're really feeling like your relationship is getting a little boring, I would take solace in the words of wisdom from the ladies who said maybe being bored isn't such a bad thing. Unless it's killing you inside. In which case you should probably do something or leave! Don't forget leaving is always an option.

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