How You Inspire Others, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Emily Anne

How much do the people in our lives affect us and how we act? Whether it be a co-worker, a partner, friends, or family — we are surrounded by different energies and different points of view. These people give advice, help us get back on our feet, make us laugh, or maybe offer a helping hand when we need it. If we carry their words in our heads or think “what would that person do?”, they may have inspired us in some way. Inspiration doesn't have to be life changing, but it can lead to small, beneficial adjustments that improve our overall mindset. You may be inspiring someone and not even know it. Each zodiac sign has certain traits and qualities that they exude that inspire people differently. So how can you inspire others, in a way that only you can?

Some signs are at organizing behind the scenes, while others are better at inciting action. If you are a water sign, you're probably better at dealing with emotional undercurrents than, say, a Taurus. While if you're an air sign, your strengths probably lie in the mental plane. Looking at your zodiac sign can give you an indication of how you may be inspiring others.

Aries: Inspires others to stand up for themselves

Aries, the little soldier, values self-preservation and staying true to a personal code. They are not the type to say things they don’t believe in. Unjust, overbearing authority angers them and brings out their heroic side; they want to defend those in need, especially underdogs.

Aries hates being told what to do and encourages others to forge their own path. Those around Aries are inspired by their scrappiness and independence.

Taurus: Inspires others to be committed

Taurus means knowing someone who values security, comfort, and respect. They are dedicated to creating structure for themselves and loved ones so that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect.

They don’t want surprises, and hate feeling like things are out of control. Taurus is inspiring because of their dedication to keeping life in order and leading others to places of comfort and serenity.

Gemini: Inspires others to be inquisitive

Geminis are people who care about being mentally stimulated and entertained. These air signs love a good debate, riddles, karaoke, late-night discussions, singing, and always asking questions.

Geminis are like little birds flitting about, never staying long enough to be totally brought down by the darkness of the world. Geminis prefer to keep things fun, light, and quick. They inspire others by making every day things full of wonder and mystery.

Cancer: Inspires others to care

Cancer is an emotionally charged water sign who values their feelings and instinct. To the crab, if you feel it, it must be true. They devote themselves full-force to their goals and loved ones. when they are committed they are in it 100 percent.

Cancer will stay late, work overtime, and constantly stay on the grind, if it means that their home life will be fulfilling. Cancer’s capacity to care deeply and dedicate themselves to building a better life rubs off on those around them.

Leo: Inspires others to be their true selves

Our fiery ball of light, Leo, is focused on expressing themselves and discovering their idea of fun. They have a big presence that is warm and nice to be around, but often they eclipse more shy personalities. Letting others explore their identity and how they let loose is a way for Leo to escape their self-involved tendencies.

Those who could use more confidence are inspired by Leo’s brash, no-apologies style of being.

Virgo: Inspires others to improve

Being an earth sign means that Virgo is concerned with the material world, being ruled by Mercury adds a mental twist. Virgo is often associated with health, fitness, organization, and perfectionism. All these traits have to do with bettering something that already exists. The person whose makeup is on point? Virgo. The person whose notes in class are immaculate? Virgo. They inspire people to value and improve their routines so that even the most mundane task is practically a ritual.

Libra: Inspires others to think harmoniously

These lovely air signs are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, fashion, and relationships. Librans have this pleasant energy within them, and they are great at mirroring those they interact with.

They know the right words to say in a conversation, they know the right song to play at the party, and the right outfit to wear to the function. Libras inspire those around them to create beauty and peace.

Scorpio: Inspires others to delve into the deepest parts of their psyche

The deep dark parts of the life are what make Scorpios tick. Obsessions, sex, vibes, tension, anger, lust, revenge, etc. Of course it is hard to see this on the surface, but once you know a Scorpio you see these themes emerge. Though they have a dark edge, Scorpios make people confront every aspect of their life. This is healthy and natural, everyone needs to grow and be “reborn” in a way. Scorpio inspires people to ask the hard questions and grow, even if its uncomfortable at first.

Sagittarius: Inspires others to take risks

Sagittarians love adventures, the open road, learning new things, and feeling free. They are optimistic people who trust in the universe for things to turn out A-OK.

While this can be a little uncertain, it is inspiring to those around Sag. The big-thinking, philosophic of Sagittarians is admirable, and they are talented at teaching those around them to reach for great heights. Their positive energy is infectious, and people are inspired by their free-wheeling nature.

Capricorn: Inspires others to get their sh*t together

Capricorn is a cardinal [takes action] earth sign [in a rational, tangible way]. They exude a cold, calm exterior that says “Yes, I have it under control, do you?” Capricorns are the friends that help you with your five-year plan and give solid, deadpan advice. If you want to start a business or figure out your student debt, call a Capricorn. The goat’s steady energy and stoic responsibility inspires those around them to step their game up.

Aquarius: Inspires others to be outspoken about their beliefs

Our little rebel, Aquarius, is probably out dyeing their hair or checking out books on subculture from the library. This sign is cerebral, moralistic, and fascinating to be around. Aquarius, due to its ruler Uranus, can flash from energetic to exhausted, angry to apathetic, etc. Regardless of their mood swings, Aquarius makes their standpoint known. They encourage others to find their own beliefs and causes to rally around, because that is what makes life interesting. Aquarius’ passion and leadership inspires others to get involved and speak their mind.

Pisces: Inspires others to be softer, more sensitive individuals

Pisces are some of the most receptive people of the zodiac, due to their dreamy ruler Neptune as well as being a water sign. They are in tune with the pain of others and can sense when someone needs help. Being the last sign means that Pisces are great at seeing the big picture, and they help others see it. People are inspired by Pisces’ beautiful soul, and strive to be as kind and selfless as them.