6 Ways To Improve Your Relationship That Don’t Involve Breaking Up (Because No)

Reaching plateaus or standstills in relationships is common. You get used to the person you're in a relationship with, routines develop, and the passion may subside or you straight up get bored. This lull, of course, doesn't mean you want to break up, because the rut doesn't mean you don't want to be with them anymore — you still love them. So don't get worried about an impending breakup just yet: There are definitely ideas on how to improve your relationship you can try before a separation needs to be considered.

The most important thing when hitting a rut with your partner is to consider what the issue is: Do you not make time for each other? Do you not talk enough? Are you bored? Do you not have fun together? Are there more serious issues at play, like lack of trust or jealousy? These are all important questions that should run through your mind when considering how to overcome the obstacle in your relationship, and enjoy each other again. So figure out what's causing the rut, and choose a way to freshen things up a bit. These small activities can shake up your normal day-to-day routine, breathing new life into the relationship.

Exercise Together.

Like Elle Woods said on Legally Blonde, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy." Based on Elle's expert knowledge, use those endorphins to your advantage to get out of your relationship funk. Try a cycling class, running, or yoga. Work out together, be happy together.

Cook Dinner Together.

Food is the best way to any person's heart. At least, I think. Cook your way out of your tired routines, and amp up the creativity through your meals. Use that cookbook that's been laying around untouched, try a new cuisine you've been wanting to learn, or seek help from YouTube tutorials online.

Plan A "Staycation."

If you haven't seen enough of each other lately, carve out some time into your schedules for a weekend at one of your places. If you're in a long-distance relationship, plan a weekend visit. Spend the time however you feel is most relaxing for the two of you, and be sure to put your phones away: This staycation is for you to focus on each other.

Text Them "Good Morning."

...if you don't already do this. I know one of my favorite things in a relationship is to wake up to a "good morning" text (if we aren't physically waking up together). It lets your SO know that you're thinking of them, and that you want them to start their day off with a smile. This gets the butterflies going no matter how many days, weeks, months, or years into the relationship you are.

Go To A Comedy Show Together.

Bring some new life into your relationship by going to comedy shows together. Sit, relax, buy a few drinks, and just enjoy. If there isn't a local comedy scene near you, bring the show home with any of Netflix's many specials. (My recommendation right now is Oh, Hello On Broadway, starring Nick Kroll and John Mulaney.)

Attend Couples' Therapy.

This suggestion is for those who feel like they're in a bit more than a rut and may have some issues to sort through. Attend therapy together to have a professional recognize your behaviors toward each other, and practice communication in a productive manner.

Regardless of if you try one of these suggestions or all of the above, be sure you're honest with your emotions and feelings for your partner, and that you're working toward a healthy, happy, and respectful relationship together.

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