Amazon Is Offering An Incredible Deal For Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers

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If you haven't taken a look at your calendar yet today, or if you're totally in denial, allow me to burst your bubble: Tuesday, Dec. 12 was the first night of Hanukkah, and we're just 11 days away from Christmas. If you haven't started your holiday shopping yet, it's officially crunch time. Thankfully, Amazon is here to save the day. Shoppers can now get Prime's free same-day delivery on Amazon in over 8,000 cities. BRB, filling up my shopping cart.

To take advantage of this amazing deal, all you have to do is sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, Delish reports. Those who do will have access to two-day, one-day, and same-day shipping, plus Prime Now... for free. What's Prime Now, you ask? Oh, it's nothing really. Just two-hour shipping. That's not a typo; two-hour shipping. The future is now, people! Or should I say, the future is Prime Now? OK, I'll stop.

There is a bit of a catch to this deal, though. Mashable notes that in order to qualify, your order must be $35 or more. But if you've procrastinated this long on shopping, chances are you'll exceed that limit. Amazon also says that over 1 million products on the site make you eligible for the offer, which is valid through 11:59 p.m. on Christmas Eve, so hop to it!

If you're already a Prime member, you might also be eligible for one-hour shipping. Excuse me, is this real life? Be sure to check the Prime Now website to see if your city is included. Atlanta, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Miami have been #blessed with one-hour shipping, just to name a few. Amazon has also kindly included smaller metropolises, so even if you don't live in a big city, yours might be included.

As if the Amazon angels haven't been helpful enough already, they've also created a holiday cheat sheet to help customers determine the best shipping option in order to receive their packages by Christmas morning. Delish outlined some of the most important dates. Most notably, Dec. 15 is the last day to order items with free shipping, while Dec. 18 is the last day to order items with standard shipping. Dec. 24 is the last day to order items with same-day delivery, but you must place your order by 9:30 a.m. local time for guaranteed on-time delivery.

The full list is super helpful for anyone who doesn't want to deal with guessing or counting the days on their calendar. No more asking, "Does today count as one of the days?" It's also making me kind of anxious (hello, Dec. 18 is Monday!), but hey, that's the holidays, right?

If you need to hit up a Whole Foods or an Amazon Books store last-minute, those will be open on Christmas Eve. In addition to regular products, the stores will also carry gift wrap, for those of us who swore we had some leftover from last year. All customers can shop at these stores, but Prime members can get great discounts at Amazon Books; just another reason to sign up for your 30-day trial now.

The expansion to 8,000 cities is a major growth spurt from last spring. During that time, Amazon's same-day delivery was available in just 1,000 cities. According to Amazon, the last same-day purchase made last year was ordered at 10:23 a.m. on Christmas Eve, so expanding the service to more areas made sense. The move was also almost certainly a response to Walmart, the company's biggest competitor. The retailer launched free 2-day shipping without a membership on orders of $35 or more in January of 2017. Their competition is our gain. 'Tis the season!

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