Yes, You Can Celebrate Pride Even If You're Not Out — Here's How To Join In

Pride Month, known to some as "June," is a glorious celebration of all things queer. It's a monthlong remembrance of LGBTQ+ history, as well as a month to be visible, loud, and proud. And while not everyone can be loud –due to maybe living in an area that is intolerant to LGBTQ+ folks, or not feeling safe or desire to come out, anyone who is queer should feel like Pride month is for them, even if they can't be totally visible about it. So how to celebrate Pride if you're not out?

You should remember that just because you're not "out," you're no less queer or no less deserving of a space in the community. If you identify somewhere along the LGBTQ+ spectrum, Pride Month is just as much yours as anyone else's – there are no certifications to prove your queerness to gain celebrating a month that is simply yours. So don't feel pressured or the need to come out in order to be "validated" to celebrate Pride Month. Just being yourself warrants celebration enough during this monthlong appreciation of queer folk, so you should join in however feels comfortable to you.

Read up on LGBTQ+ history to know its past.

A way to silently show support for the community during Pride Month is to dive into books about queer history, so you can learn about a movement you're a part. Read Queer: A Graphic History by Dr. Meg-John Barker and Julia Scheele for historical facts as well as fun illustration, The Gay Revolution: The Story of the Struggle by Lillian Faderman for what The Washington Post says is "the history of the gay and lesbian movement that we’ve been waiting for," or Transgender History by Susan Stryker to focus specifically on a marginalized community within the community.

Support queer nonprofits.

Give back to the community with whatever amount you can support, if you can spare it. Various charities will support different aspects of the community: donate to The Trevor Project to support suicide prevention among queer youth, The Sylvia Rivera Law Project to help fund legal resources for queer folk, or The Happy Hippie Foundation (started by Miley Cyrus!) to help homeless and queer youth. If you don't have extra money to donate, or want to add a more personal touch, you can support with your time instead.

Get lost in a queer AF novel or memoir.

Enjoy reading some queer stories, like a gay bunnies tale in Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo by Jill Twiss, a trans woman's path in Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love, & So Much More by Janet Mock, or two young gay Jewish men spending a summer in Italy together in Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman.

Watch LBGTQ+ films.

After reading the novel, go ahead and watch Call Me By Your Name on your screen to watch Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet fall in love (swoon), Carol, Blue is the Warmest Color, and Milk, to name a handful of queer films.

Go to the Pride Parade as an ally.

You don't have to be out to attend the parade, and no one will even question you for going, since many allies attend the parade anyway. You'll enjoy the huge visible celebration of all things queer, and feel so safe surrounded by other LGBTQ+ folk and supporters.

Wear a small bit of Pride in a place you feel comfortable.

Get a cute little rainbow pin to secure in the inside of your backpack, or some stickers to place on the inside of your iPhone case for an act of solidarity that can be seen only by you, if you so desire. When you see it, you'll feel a surge of pride that is just for you.

Support queer-owned brands.

If you're in the market for new clothes or handbags or whatever it may be, support queer-owned companies to show your love to the LGBTQ+ community. Brands like Wildfang, Equal Period, NOTO Botanics, Otherwild, and Babeland all have queer roots. Do whatever feels right for you, and wave that Pride flag – literally or not – because you deserve it.