A product image of the hands-free Nike GO FlyEase sneakers.

Nike Is Releasing GO FlyEase, Its First-Ever Hands-Free Shoe

Courtesy of Nike

Nike has a new sneaker on the way, and it's a major game changer in more ways than one. In recent years, the sportswear retailer has worked to make footwear more accessible for people with disabilities, but these shoes may be its most impressive innovation yet. On Monday, Nike announced the GO FlyEase, a hands-free sneaker. Created with no tangled laces, no velcro, and no zippers, the GO FlyEase sneakers are Nike's first shoes that require absolutely no help from your hands when putting them on or taking them off.

A bi-stable hinge in the heel ensures the GO FlyEases are held open until you slip your foot in. Once you place your foot in and press down, the shoes will snap around you. A tensioner wraps around the band of the GO FlyEases, ensuring the sneakers stay secured wherever the day takes you. To take them off, simply step on the kickstand on the heel and slide your foot out. Beyond being incredibly functional, the GO FlyEases are also stylish. They come in three different colorways, including pastel, purple and black, and matte black.

These shoes are the latest iteration of Nike's FlyEase line. Launched in 2015, FlyEase aims specifically to make wearing shoes as uncomplicated as possible for people with disabilities. The line's main principles are to create footwear that go on and off easily, as well as can accommodate a broad range of foot shapes from wide widths to a variety of braces and supports. Ultimately, the GO FlyEases sneakers were designed to make everyone's life simpler, but this is undeniably a huge step toward making the athletic and fashion world more accessible for all.

Courtesy of Nike
Courtesy of Nike

The GO FlyEase Sneakers will retail for $120, and the first drop is set for Feb. 15 for select Nike Members. As for the broader public, Nike says the hands-free shoes will be available later this year, though no exact date has been released.